Karlovy Vary colonnades


The castle colonnade is located above the Market Colonnade. It consists of two parts - toLonnades of the Upper Spring and Colonnades of the Lower Source. The Colonnade of the Upper Spring protecting the Upper Castle Spring is publicly available. The Colonnade of the Lower Source is available only to customers of the Castle Hospital. Inside it is a bas-relief of ferruginous sandstone depicting the Spirit of springs.

The colonnade was closed for many years. It was opened to the public only in 2001, after the completion of the overhaul.

Sources Castle bottom
55 ° C
Sources Castle Top
50 ° C
In fact, this is one source, bred in two source vases. And yet, due to the higher altitude of the upper exit of the source and the physical laws of the castle, the upper source differs in temperature and carbon dioxide content from its lower version.

We used photographs from the site - a database of photographs of the Karlovy Vary Region.

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Karlovy Vary spas start from the Postal Bridge, near which are located rows of mansions of the late XIX - early XX centuries. The main facades of the buildings look at the awkward sanatorium Termal, built during the communist period (1976) on the opposite bank of Teply.

The 13th spring is best known, but in the vicinity of the five colonnades (kolonady) there are 15 more healing springs scattered along the Teply coastline. The first is a white-colored cast-iron Park Column.

A little further is the largest and most popular Mill Colonnade - a true celebration of the Neo-Renaissance style, which houses five different thermal springs and a small orchestra stage. Statues corresponding to 12 months are installed on the flat roof. Opposite is the Petra Restaurant. Emperor Peter I stayed here in 1711. The original building was not preserved, the current restaurant building was erected much later.

Behind the road is the exquisite Market Colonnade of 1883, decorated with wood carvings. One of two sources - pramen Karla IV - the oldest healing key of the Karlovy Vary spa. Behind is the Castle Colonnade and the Castle Tower (Zamecka vez), which arose on the site of the hunting lodge of Charles IV, which burned down in 1604.

From the Teplá side, the wind carries clouds of steam rising above the colonnade with the hottest mineral spring in Karlovy Vary (pramen Vridlo), beating 15 meters up. A rather ridiculous (in architecture) building was built over the colonnade in 1975. Clubs of healing steam fill the geyser room, and in the next room you can take a “mineral” shower.

Photo and description

The castle colonnade is located on a small hill with a great view of the city. It was built in the Art Nouveau style at the beginning of the 20th century to protect two sources: the Upper and Lower Castle. The architect Johann Friedrich Oman, a permanent resident of Vienna, worked on the project.

At the beginning of our century, the “Castle Lazne” hospital began to repair the building, which forbade all tourists except for those who undergo treatment at the institution under the vaults of the colonnade. However, the springs were taken outside the colonnade, so vacationers who were prescribed water from them were not affected. Unfortunately, now you can not see the bas-relief "Spirit of the springs" made of the mineral aragonite, which adorned the walls of the colonnade. Contemplation of a modernist work of art is available only to guests of Castle Lazne.

Initially, Castle Colonnade was to become part of one complex that would be associated with the Market Colonnade. The architects' plans included the creation of a single space for vacationers to walk. However, it turned out to be very difficult to translate these aspirations into reality, but now and generally - it is impossible.

The upper castle source, which is accessed through the gazebo, has a temperature of 55.9 degrees. It was discovered in 1912 when the Castle Colonnade was built.

The lower castle source has a lower temperature. His main exit remained on the territory of the “Castle Lazne”, but the hospital’s department made sure to bring him to the Market Colonnade, where he was publicly available.