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The city is located on a cape between Pointe Noire Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate is hot and humid. There are a lot of precipitation, their smallest amount is observed in September-October.

The city is famous for its beaches and a place for surfing.


In 1484, Portuguese sailors saw black cliffs here and called this place the Black Cape (in French Pointe Noire). The city itself was founded in 1883 by the expedition of Savornian de Brazz as a military post on the site of a small fishing village. 1950-1958 the capital of the French colony Middle Congo. In 1924-1934, the city was connected by rail to the capital.

In 1927, drinking water was supplied to the city, in 1932 an airport was built, in 1936 the first hospital, in 1942 a new port was built. The civil war of 1997-1999 caused a mass migration of people to the city from the internal regions, which doubled the population.


The city is called the sea gate of the Republic of Congo. Port cargo turnover is 8.1 million tons (1983). The port is also used by Gabon (export of manganese ore), the Central African Republic and Chad. It has a large Geno oil terminal.

The city is connected to Brazzaville by rail and motorway. Agostinho Neto International Airport, named after the first president of Angola, Agostinho Neto.

Pointe Noire has one of Africa's largest refineries, built in 1980. The city also has a sawmill, plywood, food (oil mill, canned fish), chemical, shoe, and industry. Shipbuilding. TPP. Fishing. On the outskirts of the Ol-Saint-Paul and Holle potash deposit. In the south - the development of subsea oil fields.


Regular layout combines rectangular and radial street systems. In the central part there are administrative buildings, a hospital, mission buildings, a cathedral, an oceanographic center, a school, European houses with elements of Portuguese architecture, limited to gardens. To the north of the port, on the plateau are African quarters, built up with traditional huts.


Pointe Noire is a great place for a beach holiday. In any case, divers and surfers willingly come here throughout the year. In addition, here you can ride a yacht, scooter, water skiing, swim in the ocean, sunbathe.

Available hotels, guesthouses and small bungalows on the coast.

Pointe-Noire restaurants serve lamb with figs, camel or pigeon meat, and seasoned fish.

Tourists buy African-style jewelry and paintings, pottery, wickerwork in the city.

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Tourism News

Russian Foreign Ministry recommends refraining from visiting Congo

The republic maintains a tense domestic political situation.

In the south of Congo, a railway accident occurred: dozens of people died.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in the area of ​​the main port of the country - Pointe Noire, a railway tragedy occurred.

Short description

Pointe Noire, a city and port, is located on the Atlantic coast in the Congo. In terms of scale, it is the second after Brazzaville, and is the financial capital of the country. The local area has a hot and humid climate with numerous rainfall. The period from September to October is characterized by the least amount of rain. Since 2004, Pointe Noire, after administrative reforms, has become a separate department. Prior to that, he was the administrative center of the Qilu department.

The modern city is called the gates of the country. The local coast is popular among surf lovers, and Pointe Noire is also known for its magnificent beaches that attract thousands of vacationers. The ground connecting transport links between two major cities - Pointe Noire and Brazzaville are a highway and a railway line. There is an international airport named after the first president of Angola. Pointe Noire has developed fishing, shipbuilding, food, sawmilling, chemical and shoe industries.

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Traveling to Congo, Pointe Noire (6 photos)

Traveling in Congo, Pointe Noire

The salty wind, gaining power and speed in the vastness of the Atlantic, hits the coast of Africa with an elastic wave. Journey to the Congo ... It seems that there is no power in the world that can hold this mighty onslaught, there is nothing that could resist it. But the hot earth and the burning sun extinguish violent pressure, full of wind. He warms up, loses strength, exchanging freedom and the joy of wandering for a quiet, drowsy existence.

The Amazing State of Congo

Pointe Noire is a small resort town in Congoattracts travelers to its hot embrace. Heat can not completely extinguish the course of life. The center of Pointe Noire and sultry hours are busy. Bright, colorful streets of the city. At first you still do not understand where such an impression comes from, and only later you see that people make the city smart. Picturesque colorful dresses, women in clothes up to the heels, a piece of fabric of immense size is deftly thrown over the shoulders, intercepted at the waist and falls down in even folds or tightly fits the back and hips.

Some carry on their heads a basket of groceries, a large bottle of olive oil, a bowl of bananas and coconuts. Many women have a baby behind their backs. Daytime hard work, and night dancing. As if they hadn’t been working all day.

Only here in Pointe Noire you will see firsthand that the human body is articulated from joints. Each of the dancers, voluntarily or involuntarily demonstrates this, no movements are repeated. Since they like to dance here, in Africa, they probably do not like anywhere else. And great music against your desire, breaks away, it is simply impossible to sit still while listening to it. You just get up and with pleasure notice that the legs, and the whole body, subordinated to the beat rhythm, move in the dance.

Unbearable heat, wind from the ocean - a tired and sleepy wind can not give relief. From the heat and fatigue you only dream about one thing, it’s more likely to be in your chic cool air-conditioned room and plunge into the fabulous world of sleep. However, music will still sound in my head for a long time, the terrible rumble of ocean waves beating against the shore, hear the white foam boiling on the hot sand, the cries of albatrosses and seagulls.

It seems to be a simple, provincial city, and can be browsing through numerous African resorts and not notice it ... But it is not possible to forget anything heard and seen in this excellent resort city.

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