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The resort town of Novi Vinodolski is the political and cultural center of the Principality of Vinodolsk, located on the northern coast of Croatia, in its central part. The northern region of the Adriatic coast, from the open sea is protected by the island of Krk, due to this, the climate of the resort of Novi Vinodolski is mild and attractive for tourists. The summer heat in this part of the Adriatic coast of Kvarner is softened year-round by a soothing, light breeze. A mountain breeze, gently blowing from the forested green hills of the Great Capel, combines with sea coastal dust.

Novi Vinodolski Novi Vinodolski Novi Vinodolski Novi Vinodolski Novi Vinodolski

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The first mention of the city as the political and cultural center of the Principality of Vinodol dates back to 1288. In 1878 beautiful nature, temperate Mediterranean climate, clean air and clear sea water made Novo Vinodolski the second most important resort in the country after Opatija - the main tourist center in the Kvarner region. The town of Novi Vinodolski consists of old buildings unique in their architecture, which are compactly located on green hills. In recent years, a lot of cozy cafes, restaurants and villas have organically fit into the landscape along the seafront.

General information

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Novi Vinodolski is located on the seashore, 10 km south of Crikvenica and 23 km north of Senya. The Adriatic highway passes through the city, connecting the city with Rijeka and Zadar.

The city is located on a narrow strip between the sea and the mountains, in Novi Vinodolski the road begins leading to the Banska Vrata pass (1083 m) and further to Ogulin. This road is one of the routes connecting the Adriatic coast with continental Croatia. The name of the city comes from the word Vinodol (Wine Valley), which is located west of the city and is known for its vast vineyards.

Novi Vinodolski is a popular tourist destination. In the vicinity of the city there are many pebble beaches and picturesque forests. In addition to them, tourists are attracted by the rich cultural heritage of the city.

The famous Croatian poet and statesman Ivan Mazhuranich and his brother Anton Mazhuranich, enlightener and book publisher, were born in Novi Vinodolski. The city is also famous for the fact that in 1288 one of the first codes of Croatian laws (written in the Glagolitic word) “Vinodolski legalist” was adopted here.

Holidays in Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

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Accommodation and meals in Novi Vinodolski

On the main street, 200 meters from the bus station, there is a good tourist office (from mid-May to September daily from 8: 00-20: 00, from October to mid-May, Monday-Saturday, 7: 00-15: 00). The Novi Turist agency located nearby (Kralja Tomislava 8) offers rooms. Several coastal tent camps are located along a series of bays south of Novi. In these quiet places it is pleasant to relax in the lap of nature, but to get there, you need your own transport.

The first of them - Punta Povile - is located three kilometers south of Novi on the north side of Teplo Bay. Twelve kilometers further is Sibinj, and then - three kilometers - Bunica V. There are several hotels in Novi. The best of them - Tamaris - opened recently. This small four-star hotel has ten beautifully decorated rooms with a TV, high-speed Internet, a minibar, air conditioning and balconies. The hotel has a nice outdoor terrace with a pool surrounded by a fragrant pine forest.

Konoba Lucija Restaurant (Vinodolska 6) serves good fresh seafood and pasta dishes. Restaurant Konoba Studec is located among the vineyards, three kilometers northwest of the city (there is a sign on the road leading to Bribir). It serves local wines, semi-dry white Zlahtina and red dessert Simfonija, reminiscent of port.

Grape Valley Vinodol and surroundings

20 kilometers inland, northwest of Novi Vinodolski, Vinodol (literally translated as “grape valley”) is spread out, one of the most beautiful plains of this part of Croatia. The area is a hollow covered with lush greenery and fruit trees and bordered by uneven calcareous cliffs. Vinodol was an important wine-growing region until, in the 19th century, a grape moth phylloxera, accidentally introduced, destroyed local vines.

Large-scale viticulture has revived here only very recently. In the villages scattered across the plain, many rooms for rent. There, in the lap of nature, it is much more pleasant to relax than in such crowded places as Crikvenica or Novi Vinodolski. But to get to remote villages, you need your own transport. The largest of the villages of Vinodol - Bribir - stands on a hill 8 kilometers from Novi Vinodolski. There are six times a day buses Novi - Bribir - Crikvenica.

This is a sleepy place, the houses of which are crowded around the only surviving tower of the castle of the 12th century Francopans. From there, several hiking trails start upward along the steep, shrubby slopes of the eastern side of the valley. You can take a diagram of these routes at the tourist office of Vinodol, which is located on the main square of Bribira (Monday-Friday 8: 00-14: 00). In addition, there you can book a room or apartment in the valley. You can also contact the owners directly. Eda Cor (Eda Cor, Gradac 51, Bribir) rents an apartment with two double bedrooms and a kitchen-dining room.

The Gasparini family (Gasparini, Kricina 25-a, Bribir) offers guests apartments with a beautiful garden and a small pond. You can eat at Konoba Lucija Restaurant on the southern edge of the village. There is a wide range of seafood and chops, as well as homemade pasta (bribirski makaruni). The most popular restaurant in the area is Vagabundina koliba (Kiceri 31-a, Lukovo, closed on Mondays). It is located in the mountains, fifteen kilometers from Bribir. There is a steep road. The menu has dishes from local mountain plants. In season you can enjoy nettle fritters (polpetice od koprive) and wild asparagus.

Twelve kilometers from Bribir is the village of Drivenik with one of the most beautiful surviving castles of the Frankopans. It was built in the 14th century to control the trade routes leading from Vinodol to central Croatia. At that time, there was an intensive flow of goods along these routes. The castle is empty and overgrown from the inside, but strong cylindrical towers and external walls are well preserved. A walk through the ruins sets in a romantic mood. The nearby cemetery offers magnificent views of the plain that stretches below.