Sights of Sudak


The 10 most interesting places in Sudak and its environs: from the Arkhaderesse winery in the Sunny Valley to the Meganom Peninsula and Capsel Bay.

Sudak is a small town in the bay of the Black Sea. Its population in the holiday season increases at times when vacationers come. True, these are mainly unorganized tourists. The swimming season in the local waters is the longest in the Crimea, lasting until mid-October. Another specialization of the region is the production of sparkling and vintage wines of excellent quality. They founded the Alans settlement in 212, since then, which only tribes and peoples did not inhabit these places. States also changed periodically. The history of Sudak and its environs can be traced by the preserved structures that tourists would not mind visiting.

Resorts have excellent opportunities to combine a beach holiday with visits to wineries and tasting the best varieties of wine and champagne. In his spare time, get distracted by exploring the natural and other attractions of Sudak.

Popular excursions in Sudak

The most interesting excursions are routes from local residents to Tripster. You can start with a sightseeing tour along the coast of the New World. See the relic juniper grove and the local coral reef, take a walk along the Paradise Valley. In the nearest cities, the best route is “Alushta ancient face”. Alushta Professor’s Corner is the Crimean Ruble, in a mini-version and in the Soviet manner.

1. The city beach of Sudak

Address: st. Embankment, Sudak, Crimea

The beach, stretching next to the promenade, is the largest in Sudak. It is almost 250 meters long and 35-40 meters wide. The beach is free, sandy, with a gentle entrance to the sea. Has the infrastructure: "Soviet" cabins for undressing, a shower, a first-aid post, a canopy from the sun. There is also a diving center on the beach area, rental points where you can rent catamarans, bananas and other beach equipment. Walking distance to the water park. On the Cypress Alley connecting the beach with the street. Lenin, a lot of outlets, cafes, eateries, food market. The closest stop to the beach area is Aquapark.

City bus number 1 stops there. A little further - the stop "TOK" Sudak ", which can be reached on routes No. 5, 6. A bus station is approximately 2 km away. By personal transport it is more convenient to get from the P29 motorway.

2. Genoese fortress in Sudak

Address: st. Genoese fortress 1, Sudak, Crimea

View from the fortress to the city of Sudak / Photo Bank Lori

A significant attraction of Sudak, noticeable from any urban area is the Genoese fortress. The surviving buildings of this attraction were erected in the XIII-XIV centuries by the Genoese to protect their colonies. You can inspect the fortress, the museum on your own, focusing on the signs placed everywhere. If you wish, you can join the excursion group and explore the towers, the temple with an arcade, the castle, as well as enjoy the surrounding views from the observation deck. The former mosque has a museum. Entrance to the fortress is paid, the museum works seven days a week. All details can be found at

You can get to Mount Krepostnaya on foot from the bus station. Or transport, following directions: Country - Cozy (trolleybus No. 1, minibuses No. 5, 6), Sudak - New World (trolleybus number 5). By car, it is easier to get from the bus station, through the streets of Guards, Lenin, and then Tourist Highway.

3. Waterpark "Sudak"

Address: st. Gagarina 79, Sudak, Crimea

City water park "Sudak" is one of the best in Crimea. The water park is located on the seashore in Sudak Bay near the mountain Alchak-Kaya. On the territory of 20,000 m² there are a variety of water attractions, pools, a green island. The rides are designed for children and adults, fans to feel the thrill and relax without an adrenaline rush. It hosts discos, show shows, and outlets are located. The infrastructure of the water park is at the level of world standards: toilets, showers, changing rooms are equipped, a food court, an aquabar, a cafe and a rental point are working. Prices and opening hours at

At a nearby stop “Aquapark” shuttle buses stop following routes No. 1,2. They can be reached from the bus station, other urban areas. You can walk from the bus station in 40-50 minutes.

4. Sudak winery

Address: st. Theodosian 4, Sudak, Crimea

Sights of Sudak: Sudak winery

Winery "Sudak" - the largest enterprise of the production association "Massandra". The farm has 660 hectares of vineyards, two modern wine-making shops. The factory specializes in the production of dry, dessert, strong wines. The most famous drink is Kokur Dessert Sourozh, which has received many international awards. Famous are “Sugdei Gold”, “Surozh” port wine, which also have prizes of international importance.

On Monday-Friday, upon a preliminary call, factory tours are provided for everyone. Tourists visiting the production halls, visit the museum. The wine tasting tour ends. From the city center, you can get to the winery by buses No. 3, minibuses, going towards the village of Dachnoe.

5. Winery Archaderes in the Solar Valley

Address: pos. Sunny Valley, Sudak, Crimea

In the territory of the winery Arkhaderese / Photobank Lori

The vineyards of the plant grow on an area of ​​about 400 hectares near Cape Megan. The history of the economy began in 1888, when through the efforts of Prince Golitsyn the first vineyards were planted. Nowadays, the Arkhaderess factory produces strong, dry, dessert wines. The Black Doctor wine, which has received many international awards, is particularly famous not only in Russia but also in the world. The Black Colonel brand is also famous.

Excursion programs include inspection of the Golitsyn cellars and adits, modern workshops. On conducting tours you need to arrange in advance by phone. After inspection of the enterprise, a tasting is held in the hall located in with. Almond. From Sudak, you can get to the factory by bus.

6. Champagne wine factory "New World"

Address: st. Chaliapin 1, pos. New World, Crimea

Monument to Prince L.S. Golitsyn / Photobank Lori

Winery "New World" was founded by Prince Golitsyn. After a long successful work, he proved to the world community that the Crimean sparkling wine is in no way inferior to French champagne. Very quickly, the company became the supplier of the imperial court, and Golitsyn became the first winemaker to have the right to label the emblem of the empire on labels. Sign up for excursions in advance by phone. During excursions you can visit the old tunnels with collections of wines, places to visit the imperial family, the Golitsyn mansion-museum. Tourists will be able to taste the best brands of champagne.

You can get to the village of Novyi Svit by regular transport.

7. Mountains in the Sudak area

Address: Sudak neighborhood, Crimea

Spiral of the Holy Spirit on the Perch Hill

The surrounding area is a great place for hiking, as there are picturesque mountains close to the city. Traveling through them, you can see the beauty of the Crimean nature, the ancient man-made sights of Sudak:

  • On the mountain Manjul beats a source that does not dry out during the hottest time. The spring is considered holy, and pilgrims come to it.
  • Natural wonder of the mountain Alchak - One of the most interesting places in Sudak. This is the Aeolian harp, surprising tourists with the perfection of forms.
  • Mountain Pepper - the highest peak in the county. Routes along the mountain are laid along places overgrown with vegetation, interspersed by glades.

There is a 6 hour tour “Hike to the top of Sokol Mountain” on Tripster. The guide is Sergei (many know this guy on awesome routes to the cave cities of Bakhchisarai). The program includes the Golitsyn trail, the source of Anastasia and the ascent to Sokol with a view of the bay and cape Kapchik 360 °.

You can climb to the top of Mount Manjul from the Eastern Highway. A longer and easier way starts from the embankment, goes past Alchak towards the village of Bogatovka to the path to the mountain peak. You can climb Alchak along the equipped trail starting at the end of the promenade, next to the Suuk-Su river.

There are several ways to ascend to Perch. Climb up from the village of Uyutnoy, or from the Ai-Sava Valley, or from Serny Lane - through the vineyards and Lysy Gorka.

8. Capsel Bay and Cape Meganom

Address: Sudak neighborhood, Crimea

Wild beach on Meganom / Photo Bank Lori

Capsel Bay is located next to Cape Megan, they are equally impressive in natural beauty and are included in the list of must-see sights of Sudak. Capsel is a lot of small bays that cut the coastline, and Meganom is not only a cape, but also a peninsula. These places are famous for deserted beaches and clear water. Thanks to this, they have become a favorite vacation spot for nudists, tourists who come to relax in the lap of nature in tents, campsites, boarding houses. Divers, as well as fishermen, who like to fish on coastal stones, like these places.

You can get here from Sudak on foot along the sea, covering a distance of about 6-7 km. Or by public transport, going towards the Sun Valley, Coastal or Liski. You need to get out at Meganom or Kapsel stops. An excursion boat next to Arza beach can also deliver here.

9. Kiziltash Monastery

Address: s. Krasnokamenka, Feodosia, Crimea

Temple of St. Seraphim Monastery / Photo Bank Lori

The monastery is located 15 km from Sudak towards Feodosia. Religious buildings are located in the mountains above the village of Krasnokamenka at an altitude of 450 m. The history of the monastery began with the construction of the Kiziltash chapel, which opened in 1852. Now the monastery is operating, services are regularly held in it. Pilgrims and ordinary tourists visiting the grotto with murals of 1837, the Robbery Cave, and other interesting sights. They can also fall to the relics of St. George the Victorious, as well as Stefan Sourozhsky, drink water from the holy spring.

You can get to the monastery by car, turning off the highway Sudak - Grushevka to the village of Krasnokamenka. You can also get a bus to Krasnokamenka from the village. Twittering. In Krasnokamenka you need to get around the military unit. To do this, find an abandoned boiler room and go from it to the path 100 m to the sea. From there begins a trail with pointers, which will lead to the monastery.

10. Choban-Kule Tower

Address: Cape Agir, s. Marine, Sudak, Crimea

The tower is located on a high bank, steep and high cliff descending to the sea. The structure was erected from unprocessed stone blocks in the 15th century by the Genoese, who paved trade routes in these places. The current height of the dilapidated patrol tower is 9 meters, the wall thickness is up to 3 meters. The tower is surrounded by the remains of old structures. The surrounding area is interesting for its beautiful viewing platforms, deserted beaches, opportunities to relax "savage." In a nearby village. The Maritime Museum has a museum where you can see unique historical documents.

You can get here by bus, next to Morskoye. It is better to ask to stop at the foot when the road begins to pass along the coast.

Apartments and apartments in Sudak

On the site of the Russian service You can find cheap housing from 600 rubles. Already for 1300-2200 rubles. you will book an apartment in good repair, not far from the beach. Almost 500 offers are available. Our advice: look for housing closer to the embankment and Sudak fortress - beautiful views and places for walking are guaranteed!

1. Genoese fortress

A medieval stronghold built by the Genoese as its stronghold in the northern Black Sea region in the 14th – 15th centuries. There are several similar fortresses on the territory of Crimea, but the most well-preserved structure is in Sudak. Due to its favorable location directly above the sheer cliffs of the sea, it was practically impregnable. Today, fortress walls often become decorations for historical reconstructions, festivals, and other cultural events.

2. The promenade and the central beach

The territory for swimming in Sudak is a fairly long line (about 2 km in length) of small beaches that stretch along the promenade. Some are covered with quartz sand, others with fine pebbles. This combination is quite unique for the coast of Crimea. By itself, the Central Beach with a gentle and safe entry into the water is approximately 250 meters. Along it is a well-equipped walkway.

3. Waterpark Sudak

An entertainment complex with an area of ​​2 hectares with a variety of water attractions designed for guests of any age. There is a large central pool, consisting of three levels, several slides of varying degrees of extreme sports, an artificial river, a food court, places for recreation and an entertainment area for children. The water park is located near the mountain of Alchak-kaya.

4. Dolphinarium "Nemo"

The Dolphinarium in Sudak is part of the Nemo network of marine complexes located in several coastal cities of Russia and Ukraine. In addition to performances held with the participation of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions, the institution also offers dolphin therapy services for children with various diseases, as well as swimming and photography with these amazing animals.

5. Cypress Alley

Cypress trees are typical representatives of the Mediterranean flora. They also grow on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and in the Crimea. In many settlements of the southern coast of the peninsula, you can find picturesque alleys planted with these trees. Sudak also has its own grove, which is a local attraction. City cypress avenue leads to the promenade, along it there are cafes and attractions.

6. History Museum

A small historical exhibition was first opened in Sudak in 1998 in the territory of the former summer residence of Baron Funk. After a devastating fire that significantly damaged the building, it re-earned in 2004. Divided into themes, the collection is housed in 13 rooms. Of greatest interest are archaeological finds discovered during excavations in the vicinity of Sudak.

7. Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

The church is located in the central part of Sudak, in the heart of the spa town. The appearance of the temple is rather modest - there are no decorative elements and paintings on the walls, the entrances are decorated with strict porticoes with columns. The temple was erected in 1840. In 1868, Empress Maria Alexandrovna visited him, in 1912 - Nicholas II. In Soviet times, he sometimes worked, so he did not desolate.

8. Lutheran Church

The Lutheran church was built in 1887 by German immigrants who arrived in Sudak at the invitation of Catherine II. Geographically, the attraction is located in the western part of the city in the former village of Uyutnoye. In the Soviet era, a cinema and a club worked in the building. Nowadays, there is an exhibition gallery inside, but, despite the civilian purpose of the structure, sometimes there are services of the Baptist community.

9. Wineries "Solar Valley" and "Sudak"

Crimea is famous for its wines. On the peninsula are the factories of several manufacturers of this drink, each of which produces its own brands. In the vicinity of Sudak are the "Sun Valley" and "Sudak". Tourists will be interested in visiting the tasting rooms of factories to try different varieties and buy a bottle or two as a keepsake or as a gift.

10.River boat "Prince Bagration"

A unique example of pre-revolutionary shipbuilding, which was built around 1912. Motor ships of this design were put into operation only 11 pieces. Until 1991, he walked along the Volga, then was used in Feodosia as a floating restaurant. Since 1994, the ship is located on Cape Meganom. At the moment, the ship is abandoned, although several years ago it was planned to organize a hotel in it.

11. Festival "Genoese Helmet"

The festival of knightly art, which takes place on the territory of the Genoese fortress. The reenactors and lovers of the Middle Ages gather at the festival. The program of the event includes knightly fights, staged assaults and battles, a craft fair, master classes, and performances by musical groups. Representatives from different countries gather at the Genoese Helmet.

12. Mount Falcon

In the Turkic dialect, the name of the mountain sounds like “Kush-kaya,” which means “Rock Bird”. Apparently, the ancestors of the Crimeans saw in her appearance a figure of a falcon ready to fly. This is not even a mountain, but a rocky hill - its height is about 500 meters, its length is more than 1200 meters. Hiking trails lead here, as well as more difficult routes for climbers. From the top there is a magnificent view of the sea, a fantastically rugged coast, Sudak and the New World.

13. Rock "Aeolian harp"

Mountain grotto, which is a hole in the rock formed as a result of millennia-old weathering. It is located on the territory of Cape Alchak, a hiking trail passes through it. The route to the "Aeolian Harp" begins in the eastern part of Sudak at the edge of the embankment. The cliff offers panoramic views of the city. If you look through the opening of the grotto, you can see the Genoese fortress.

14. Cape Alchak

The cape is located east of Sudak, a walking trail leads to it, which begins in the city. The height of the cliff is a little over 150 meters. This place is considered one of the most beautiful in the vicinity, so many tourists want to get here to enjoy the bewitching panorama of the coast and take memorable photos. Since 1988, Cape Alchak was declared a protected area.

15. Cape Meganom

The cape is located between Sudak and Feodosia, it is the tip of the peninsula of the same name. Surprisingly, settlements never occurred within it. The ancient Greeks believed that it was here that the Styx River flows, along which the soul floats into the underworld. At the end of the XIX century, a lighthouse was erected on the cape, which became a life-saving landmark for ships. The design performs its functions today.

2. Golitsyn trail

For lovers of natural beauty and outdoor activities, you should definitely take a walk along the Golitsyn trail. It begins on the outskirts of Green Bay and leads through scenic spots. Its length is three kilometers and is rich in impressions. In addition, the trail has historical significance - from which its name appeared - it was created by Prince Golitsyn in honor of the arrival of Emperor Nicholas II in Sudak. There are many viewing platforms along the route, from where you can make excellent memorable photos about the rest at the resort and capture its nature in all its glory.

3. Winery "Sunny Valley"

Currently, the Sunny Valley winery is not just a company producing wine drinks, it has a history within its walls. This plant is the oldest winery in the whole of Crimea. Its products at all times enjoyed wide popularity due to its quality and excellent taste characteristics, and therefore found consumers in various regions. The winery is still operating today - wine drinks are blended, blended and bottled here, so anyone can buy its products after visiting Sudak. But the main value of this attraction is the availability of a thematic museum at the winery.

4. Cave monastery near Sudak

Among the most interesting places in Sudak, a cave monastery should be highlighted. Its unusualness lies in location and history. To date, the monastery has not been fully preserved, but still sufficient to get acquainted with it. It is located on the slopes of Mount Sokol, where it was founded in the eighth century by Byzantine clergymen who fled from the iconoclastic currents of that time. Six hundred years later, the monastery was captured by the Turkish army, after which it fell into disrepair. But to this day remains a valuable historical monument of the Crimea.

5. Temple of St. Elijah in the Sunny Valley

In continuation of the theme of religious shrines of Sudak, one cannot ignore the temple of St. Elijah in the Solar Valley, which is the oldest of all currently functioning in the Crimea. The date of its foundation is probably not specified, but it was erected between the 9th and 11th centuries. There is evidence that the Greek settlers founded the cathedral, they were also its first ministers. In the first centuries of the temple’s existence, a beautiful lake extended near it, and its main asset was a font of the 4th – 5th centuries, delivered directly from Constantinople. The 30s of the last century were as disastrous for the temple as for many other Soviet shrines - at the end of the decade it was closed.

The picturesque nature reserve Alchak-Kaya is what you need to see personally when visiting the Crimean peninsula, and Sudak in particular. The most interesting areas of this attraction will be for adherents of hiking and outdoor activities. Alchak dates back to ancient times, when it was a vast coral reef. Today, its splendor has faded to some extent, but nevertheless, picturesqueness allows us to appreciate the natural beauty of this reserve. Its main feature is the originality of nature, the geological complex and the minerals contained here.

7. Cypress Alley

Among the most popular places for walking is the Cypress Alley. In Sudak, she fell in love with both tourists and locals. It is impossible to imagine a visit to the resort without a walk through it. Throughout the alley there is an unimaginable variety of various cafes, shops, souvenir shops and entertainment venues. In addition, the Cypress Alley has become a place where tickets for excursions are sold, and you can also enjoy various goodies and even buy a bottle of saturated Crimean wine. In any case, not a single vacation in Sudak is complete without visiting this promenade.

8. Chaliapin's Grotto

Of considerable interest to tourists is the Chaliapin Grotto. He got his name due to the opinion that Fedor Ivanovich himself visited its walls and even gave concerts when he appreciated the uniqueness of its acoustic characteristics. How true this legend is, let each judge independently, but as far as is known, Chaliapin did not visit the village where the attraction is located. But here it is known for certain that when Prince Golitsyn found out about the grotto, he ordered to make a path to the rocks in it and expand it inside.

9. The New World

The village of Novyi Svit to a large extent attracts the attention of guests of Sudak, not only because it has a rich and interesting history, but also because of the many attractions of the resort on its territory. In addition to the cultural and historical heritage, the village is famous for its natural landscapes: mountain ranges, pristine lakes, many caves and grottoes, bays and capes. It will not be an exaggeration to say that many tourists from all over the world come to the New World.

10. Royal beach

Not far from the New World is a beautiful Royal Beach. Its beauty and uniqueness makes you not only swim and sunbathe, but also endlessly admire the surroundings - their picturesque panoramas, and you can also get acquainted with representatives of the animal fauna and flora. Walking around the beach after swimming in its waters is very popular with Sudak guests.

11. Waterpark "Sudak"

In the early 2000s, the Sudak water park opened in the resort, which attracts its guests with modern attractions and a wide variety of entertainment. It is most popular among families with children, but purely adult companies will find plenty of entertainment here.

12. Historical Museum of Sudak

The resort has its roots since ancient times, when there was no idea of ​​its current purpose. The Sudak History Museum will allow visitors to get acquainted with the rich history of the settlement for all its years of existence. Here you can find both military and household exhibits. And although the museum’s exposition is not so impressive, it allows you to get acquainted with the main points in the development of Sudak.