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Westgate - The West Gate is one of two surviving medieval gates in the ancient city of Winchester in the UK. Westgate and Kingsgate (Royal Gate) - this is all that today remains of the fortress wall that once surrounded the city and protected it from attacks by enemies. The oldest preserved masonry dates from the Anglo-Saxon era. The gates were rebuilt in the XII century, then in the XIII and XIV.

As the gates lost their defensive function, they turned into a city prison for drunkards and debtors. You can still see graffiti scribbled by prisoners on the walls.

In the XIX century, the Winchester City Council arranged a museum in the interior of the gates, and city archives are also stored here. Here is a large collection of old measures and weights and weapons, everyday items. Beautiful ceiling painting was made in 1554 especially for the marriage of Queen Mary and Philip of Spain.

Steep steps lead to the very top of the gate, from where a beautiful view of the city opens. The museum provides a variety of activities for children.

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From Westgate Gate History

The west gate of Canterbury was built in 1379, and since 1453 a city prison has been housed here. In the 19th century fortifications were demolished, and at the end of the century the city archive was located in the premises of the towers.

In 1906, a museum with an extensive collection of military equipment and weapons was opened in the buildings of Westgate, dedicated to both the civil battles of Britain and the World Wars. Visitors are also available prison cells and two three-story towers. From the heights of the West Gate towers one of the best views of the Canterbury Cathedral and the Marlow Theater opens.

For lovers of panoramic photography, an observation deck is equipped.

Among the exhibits are cast copies of sculptures depicting the full growth of 18 noble persons who signed the Magna Carta (Magna Carta), their originals are presented in the Palace of Westminster.

In 2009-2011, the Canterbury City Council discussed the closure of the museum, but a benevolent philanthropist saved him from the bitter fate. Real estate consultant Charles Lambier proposed a project to transform the museum complex and invested more than one million GBP in it, setting up One Pound Lane.

Useful information

Address: St Peter’s Pl, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2BX, UK.

Phone: +44 (012-27) 45-86-29.

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00. The museum is closed on Christmas and New Year holidays, and may also be closed during special events. It is advisable to clarify the schedule immediately before the visit.

Entrance: 4 GBP, for children from 5 to 17 years: 2 GBP, for children under 5 years old admission is free. Group visits require prior reservation.

How to get there: the western exit from the historic center, from the cathedral to the right on High Street. Entrance to the museum and observation deck from Pound Lane, through The Pound Bar & Kitchen.

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