Emirate Towers: how the first skyscrapers of Dubai were built


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Emirate Towers (Arabic. أبراج الإمارات, Eng. Emirates Towers) - a complex of two skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Highway in the city of Dubai (UAE).

The complex consists of a 54-story Emirate office tower (354.6 meters) and a 56-story Jumeirah Emirates Towers (309 meters).

Photo and description

The Emirates Towers is a complex of buildings consisting of two skyscrapers located in the Emirate of Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Highway. The height of one office tower is 354.6 m. It consists of 54 floors on which office premises are located. The second, 56-story tower of Jumeirah Emirates Towers, has a height of 309 m, which allowed it to become the third highest hotel in the world. Both skyscrapers are nearby and are even interconnected. They are connected by a large shopping center Emirate Towers Boulevard.

The architecture of the towers is not very different from the general "style" of Dubai, while they have a feature - two thin spiers. The author of this complex of skyscrapers was Hazel V.S. Wong.

Abutting the sky itself, the Emirates Towers were built of concrete and glass. From their upper floors a stunning panorama of the city and its surroundings opens. Of particular note are the hotel rooms of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Tower. They have huge windows, from where you can see everything that is happening in the city, including its attractions. Each room is equipped with modern technology.

The building has two specially designated floors. The first floor is intended only for the fair sex. Here, women can read fashion magazines, do yoga, or visit a beauty salon. For representatives of the stronger sex, the creators of the Jumeirah tower made a magnificent SPA center, with an “oxygen room” and a hydro pool, where you can relax. The complex has a wonderful 25-meter outdoor pool.

On a special twin towers look in the evening, when buildings are illuminated from all sides.

History of the Emirate Towers

The design of the Emirate Towers developed architect Hazel Wong. Thin spiers on the roof of the towers became an architectural feature of the skyscrapers. The design of buildings is dominated by triangular shapes. The building itself, arches and domes are built in the form of a triangle. Skyscrapers are lined with panels of steel, copper and glass. The towers are connected by a base, the architecture of which is dominated by smooth lines and granite finish. The design of the towers successfully combines Hi-tech, futuristic image and elements of oriental architecture.

Office tower

One of the Emirate Towers is an office center, and the second is the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Wikipedia reports that tower heights are slightly different 354 meters vs 309 meters. Skyscrapers are built nearby, they are connected by The Boulevard shopping center.

In an office tower on 54 floors, there are offices of companies and some government officials. For example, emirates prime minister It works in this building. All offices have the most modern design, furnishings and telecommunications.

The second tower (309 m) houses one of the most famous five-star hotels in Dubai Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. The hotel is working since April 2000, in 2012 was renovated. There are 400 rooms on 56 floors. Several restaurants serving Eastern and European cuisine, cafes and bars. Hotel guests have free access to the gym, beach and pool.

Useful for tourists:

Emirates Towers is considered the best business hotel in the city. Located in downtown Dubai, it is ideal for businessmen and entrepreneurs. High level of service, developed infrastructure, access to beach activities make it possible to combine a business trip and leisure.

The price includes Additional services:

  • hotel bus delivery to the beach and back,
  • relaxation in the beach club Jumeirah Privat Beach,
  • visit to the Wild Wadi water park,
  • parking
  • use of wi-fi,
  • visit to the gym.

The boulevard

Two skyscrapers are connected by the base in which is located The Boulevard Shopping Center, which is an integral part of the complex. In 45 shops of the center You can purchase products of famous brands. Also, visitors can have fun in restaurants and cafes. The center was originally conceived as a place for recreation, entertainment and shopping for entrepreneurs working in an office tower or living in a hotel.

Around the towers is very nice area: gardens, lakes, waterfalls, parks. This surroundings is especially striking when you find out that everything is man-made.

The towers are on Sheikh Zayed Highway. 55 km highway stretches across the city along the coast.

What to see nearby

No more than 10 minutes It will be required to get from the Emirate Towers to the main attractions of Dubai.

  • The Burj Khalifa is visible from anywhere in Dubai. This is the tallest building in the world, its height is 828 m. Immediately after the opening, Burj Khalifa became one of the symbols of the AOE. In the building there are office centers, a hotel, many restaurants, residential apartments, shopping centers, an aquarium. At the same time, 35 thousand people can be in Burj Khalifa, it is not for nothing that they call it “city in the city”. An excursion to the skyscraper includes a visit to the observation platforms, which offers stunning views of Dubai.
  • Dubai's Singing Fountain is in front of the Burj Khalifa. The United Arab Emirates built the largest color music fountain in the world. Water jets rise to the 50th floor of a skyscraper. Every half hour, a water show begins, lasting 6 minutes. Each performance is distinguished by a musical composition and water figures. Thousands of people come daily to the city center to enjoy this incredible sight. Reviews of tourists who visited the water show are unambiguous - you need to see it.
  • Dubai Mall one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers on the planet. Its area exceeds 1 million square meters. m. When planning a trip to Dubai, include a visit to the center in your program. In addition to stores, which are 1200, the Dubai Mall invites visitors to ride on the rink, watch a movie in a multiplex of 22 cinema halls, and admire the waterfall. In Dubai Mall, there is even a skeleton of a dinosaur, which is 155 million years old. You can grab a bite to eat in an expensive restaurant or in fast food. Fans of sweets need to go to Candylicious. 5,000 sweets are sold here.

For almost 20 years, the Emirates Towers are Dubai symbol. During this time, structures were built more expensive, larger, but even today the towers attract attention with their unusual design and good location.


Emirate Towers
25 ° 13′02 ″ s w. 55 ° 16′59 ″ c. d. H G I O L
LocationDubai, UAE
UsingOffice building, hotel, restaurant
Antenna / Spire354.6 meters
Roof311 meters
Top floor255 meters
Technical specifications
Number of floors54, 56
Number of elevators17