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Volcano Nisyros

Nisyros Volcano is considered a sleeping volcano. It is located in the Aegean Sea, in Greece. Previously, it was an active volcano. The last time he erupted about 700 years ago, and the last time he breathed, more than 12 years ago. In the central part of the island of Niseros, there is a caldera whose length reaches 2.5 kilometers and a width of almost 1 kilometer.

It arose during the eruption of a volcano. This was not the only eruption. In fact, the island is the southeastern tip of the Kos submarine caldera, which is located on the opposite side - the western edge of the island of Kos.

Today it is a well-irrigated green island that has fertile soil.

Hippocrates' Plane

The plane of Hippocrates is a famous tree in the city of Kos, planted, as you know, by the great Hippocrates. According to legend, under a plane tree, a doctor wrote prescriptions and lectured to his students.

The tree is located at the entrance to the Ioannite Fortress, which is also a famous landmark of Kos. The plane tree has an impressive scale - its circumference is 14 meters, and the age has already crossed the line of two thousand years. There is also a skeptical opinion - some believe that the tree has nothing to do with the great healer, that it is no more than 700 years old, however, according to many sources, this plane tree is indeed the oldest tree in the world.

It is amazing that the Hippocratic tree managed to survive for so many centuries. At present, the Greeks are doing their best to extend the life of the ancient plane doctor's plane. So that the branches do not touch the ground, under them are now supporting structures made of metal, not allowing them to fall.

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Ancient agora

Ancient Agora is a picturesque historical place, the ruins of which date back to the Hellenistic and Byzantine eras. The word "agora" from Greek is translated as "bazaar". In ancient times, the Agora was not only a market square, but also a religious, cultural and political center.

In Agora you can find the ancient temple of Hercules III, the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, mosaic floors with images of Hercules and Orpheus. Next to them is also an ancient Christian basilica.

Buildings and temples were built on this square: thermae, ancient theaters, a gymnasium, a Roman villa with frescoes and mosaics, and other buildings that are an integral heritage of the island of Kos. Traveling through the Agora will leave unforgettable impressions and a sea of ​​positive emotions from seen antiquities.

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The ancient city of Paleo Pili

The abandoned city of Byzantine times, Palo Pili is called a ghost town. It was built on the top of an impregnable mountain during the Trojan War. From the abandoned city these days there are only the ruins of the fortress walls, which can be seen from the foot of the cliff.

But even the ruins look majestic in combination with the mountain landscape. Legend has it that in these places Jesus appeared to people very often, and therefore the Church of the Apparition of Christ still functions here. It was built near Palo-Pili the Blessed Christodoulos in the 11th century. Locals are proud of this beautiful temple, as well as a healing magical source near it, many pilgrims visit the sacred area.

In the village of Pili, near the cliff, a tilos has been preserved - an antique burial of 12 underground crypts is believed to have a mythical hero - King Kharmil. Above the crypts, the church of Stavros was built.

Temple of Asklepion

Greek Asklepion - a temple with a school and a hospital, which was built after the death of Hippocrates in 357 BC.

On the lower terrace of the temple are the remains of the porticoes surrounding it on three sides and a powerful wall that supports the middle terrace. On the middle terrace there is an altar and several other temples dedicated to Apollo, on the upper - the temple of Asclepius, to which a monumental staircase leads. Not only walls have survived to this day, but also columns, and even statues.

In the temple of Asclepius, doctors and priests of the cult of Asclepius practiced methods of treating Hippocrates, because patients from all over the world came here. The symbol of the cult of Asclepius was a snake, which was sometimes attracted to search for certain types of medicinal plants. Interestingly, the snake is still a symbol of medicine.

Peacock Plaka Forest

The peacock forest of Plaka is an amazing natural area and one of the main attractions of the Greek island of Kos. The forest is famous for the fact that many peacocks live freely in it, and numerous tourists come to admire it.

The pine forest of Plaka can be called the real kingdom of peacocks - there are a lot of them here! There are no cages or aviaries, as in a zoo, peacocks live in freedom, however, the birds are completely tame - they can be easily fed by hand or even taken in your hands and photographed with them. There is no limit to the delight of the children, and these beautiful birds make a strong impression on adults.

In addition to peacocks, there is a huge population of wild cats and small freshwater turtles. In the middle of the forest is a picturesque lake, which is also recommended to visit - these places are very beautiful.

In general, the peacock forest of Plaka should appeal to everyone - both older and younger. This is one of the most beautiful places on the island of Kos.

Volcanic island of Nisyros

Nisyros is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, which is a huge stratovolcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. Island cruises are extremely popular among wildlife lovers.

The volcanic island of Nisyros is relatively modest in size - its area is slightly more than forty square kilometers, and the resident population does not even reach the mark of 1000 people. Nevertheless, the volcano, which gave the island its name, provides this place with a constant influx of tourists. Nisyros is a very picturesque place. The terrain here is mountainous, very spectacular, the coast of the island is covered with colorful volcanic sand, and five volcano craters often throw jets of hot gas and steam into the sky.

Thrill-seekers can go straight down to the thirty-meter funnel of one of the craters, where among the sulfur crystals there are voids leading directly to the mouth of the fire-breathing mountain. The spectacle opens unforgettable, and impressions after visiting Nisyros will last for a long time. Of course, excursions to the island are very extreme, and are unlikely to suit lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday. But the seekers of strong impressions will certainly be delighted with the contemplation of the volcanic beauties of the island of Nisyros.

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Limnionas Cove

Limnionas Bay is very picturesque. This is not surprising, because the Greek islands with their bays and beaches are simply mesmerizing and do not leave anyone indifferent - everyone seeks to capture beautiful landscapes and sunbathe on the warm sand of a clean beach.

Limnionas Cove combines Greek white and red fishing boats, as well as turquoise water and cliffs. A boulder pier was built in the bay, protecting the boat parking from storms that often occur on the north side of the island.

On the shore of the bay there are many benches on which you can relax and enjoy beautiful views of the cliffs and the sea. In the tavern located in the bay, you can always order fresh fish and other Greek dishes, taste wine and watch the sunset when the sun sets right in the sea.

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What to see on the Spit

Asklepion is an ancient medical center located 4 km southeast of the island’s capital, on a small mountain. This is the most famous archaeological site in Kos. The construction in honor of the God of medicine and healing Asclepius dates from the first half of the 3rd century BC. e. Asklepion was an institution where healers treated their patients, trying to systematize medicine and teach other people the art of healing.

At the very first level there was a medical school, at the second - the Apollo Temple and a medical center with thermal baths and a complex piping system, which provided sites with a constant supply of clean water from springs, such as the so-called “red water” with a high content of magnesium salts and minerals. On the third terrace you can see the remains of the Great Temple. There is an opinion that only the aristocracy could enter it. Today, it offers breathtaking views of the city of Kos and almost the entire eastern part of the island. Asklepion is surrounded by a forest, which in ancient times was considered a holy place.

Castle of the Knights

The Knights Castle, an impressive monument of the Venetian period, stands on the right side of the harbor in the city of Kos. It was built by the knights of St. John in the 14th century along with similar fortifications on the island of Rhodes as a defense against the Ottomans. The fortress with massive outer walls and four round towers in the corners was surrounded by a large moat with water and was actually an island, connecting to the land with a large stone bridge that has been perfectly preserved to this day. On the upper part of its masonry, you can see many emblems of knightly orders. From the walls of the castle offers stunning views of the bay of the island with snow-white yachts and palm trees, and at the base of the walls you can see the caves, which are supposed to have served as knights' storerooms.

In the north-eastern part of Kos, near the harbor, is the Agora. It represents a huge excavation area where a number of temples, baths and houses with remaining mosaics, columns and other parts of structures belonging to several periods were discovered. Here you can see the ruins of the Hellenistic temple dedicated to Hercules, and the restored columns of a small temple with the remains of the sanctuary dedicated to Aphrodite, as well as beautiful mosaic floors with images of Hercules and Orpheus. During excavations, archaeologists have found many ancient coins and bronze statuettes on this site. In ancient times, there was not just a market, but the center of the political, religious and cultural part of the island.

Villa Casa Romana

Not far from the Agora and the Roman Odeon is another beautiful creation of the ancient era - the Roman villa of Casa Romana of the 3rd century AD It was found during excavations after a strong earthquake of 1933 by Italian architects. The villa consists of 26 rooms, decorated with frescoes and mosaics, in the courtyard there is a fountain. The size and luxurious decoration of the Roman house indicates that it belonged to a wealthy islander. The mosaic panels decorating the floors in almost every room are perfectly preserved - you can see images of animals (panthers and tigers) or underwater scenes (dolphins, mermaids and other inhabitants of the deep sea) on them. One of the walls with beautiful frescoes depicting a man can now be admired in the Archaeological Museum of Kos. There you can see beautiful statues of nymphs, goddesses and various ornaments found in the villa.

Antimachia, a small village on a small hill in the central part of Kos, attracts the attention of tourists of the well-preserved fortress of the same name. Inside the castle you will see a huge space and large tanks for storing water. Two Venetian churches are also preserved - the church of St. Nicholas, built in the 16th century and the church of Agia Paraskeva, built at the beginning of the 18th century. Today, the fortress is in good condition, sometimes various cultural events are organized within its walls. The castle offers spectacular views of the surroundings and the sea.

Kefalos is located 40 kilometers southwest of the city of Kos, a beautiful village built on a hill on the western side of the island. In antiquity, the first capital of the island, Astypalaia, stood here. The houses in the village are built close to each other, narrow streets emphasize the traditional architectural features of most Greek islands. The main attractions of Kefalos are in the vicinity of Kamari. This is the early Christian basilica of Agios Stefanos on Kamari Beach, dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, where excellent mosaic pieces are still preserved.

Island of castries

Just a few minutes away, quite close to the coast, lies island of castries with the small church of Agios Nikolaos. You can get there by boat and even swim. It is believed that it protects all sailors, this is a kind of symbol of the island of Kos. Walking a little further along the coast, you will find the ruins of ancient Astypalea, the ruins of the temple of the fertility goddess Demeter (V century BC), one of the Asclepius temples and the theater, and rising to the top of the hill, you can visit the church of Panagia Palatiani, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and enjoy the magnificent views of Kefalos Bay from above.

The capital of Kos

An amazing resort town has won the hearts of many European and Russian tourists. It is worth starting an acquaintance with the island.

In 1933, after a devastating earthquake, it was necessary to erect new buildings and rebuild the city. The efforts were not in vain, now it is a corner of nature rich in open spaces, with many parks and alleys, flower beds of which are full of colors of all colors of the rainbow. In the city itself, as well as outside it, you will find a large number of architectural monuments that you should definitely visit.

Asklepion - is included in the list of the first tourist attractions. It represents the ruins of a former temple and hospital, but this does not prevent her from looking majestic.

According to historians, thousands of years ago it was here that Hippocrates taught. Many believe that the origin of modern medicine came from here.

Fortress Neration

Neration is the most famous fortress. In the distant 14th century there was the Order of St. John. His heart consisted of a large number of knights who defended the land from invasion. The defensive fortress consists not only of a castle, but also of a moat. Now it is drained, there are many trees and shrubs in it. This memo is of interest to a large number of pilgrims and tourists in modern times.

Archaeological Museum

  • Opening hours: 8.00-20.00, Tuesday - day off
  • Entrance ticket: 6 euros

Eleftelia Square - it is here that the neoclassical building of the Museum of Archeology is located, only two floors in height. The Italians built it in 1935 and since then, this is the highlight of the whole island.On Kos and Rhodes, archaeologists have found and continue to find a lot of artifacts and relics, all of them are located in the Archaeological Museum.

Roman Odeon

Roman Odeon or amphitheater, as the locals call it. It was erected in the third century, it is a magnificent building, which has in its construction a lot of columns and semicircular arches. Unsurprisingly, this style was very popular in ancient times. The complex was repeatedly restored, but remained in its original form. It was even possible to preserve the ancient halls, which were used as baths and laver in the times of the Roman Empire.

Roman Villa Casa Roman Ruins

Casa Romana is an amazing Roman villa, which was built in the 3rd century AD. The complex has preserved all 36 rooms, almost in its original form. Here everyone can enjoy the mass of frescoes, carved images, as well as amazing mosaics of the ancient era. The villa was repeatedly restored, located in the west of the capital, next to the Odeon. This place will delight lovers of sculptures, there are a lot of them, all were created in the third century AD.

Ruins of Ancient Agora and Altar of Dionysus

Dionysus is the god of wine making, mastermind and religious preacher. In the ruins of the Ancient Agora, which are a very popular tourist destination, is the main attraction - the ancient Altar of Dionysus. These are its remnants that have an amazing atmosphere, you can easily feel it. The altar is in the temple, which was built in the ancient Greek style, in the form of the letter "P".

Fortress Antimachia

The fortress of Antimachia is a real business card throughout Greece, as well as the best example of a medieval castle. The fortress is located in the very center of the island, very close - a small village and the beautiful Kardamena beach. By the way, a couple of kilometers from the airport, which makes this place accessible for quick visits. The castle was laid in the Middle Ages, but changed its appearance in 1494, it was strengthened to protect against Turkish invaders.

Antimachia Windmill

There is no finer windmill than the one located in the village of Andimachia. It was erected approximately 150 years ago. But the mechanisms that are located inside the structure are much older. The current owner, Eugene Amallos, is a native of Kos. He claims that this mill has been owned by his family for five generations. The building was constantly operated until the end of the nineteenth century.

Defterdar Mosque

In the heart of Old Spit is a beautiful mosque. She gained fame thanks to her great brother, the mosque of Haji Hassan. These buildings are similar to each other and perfectly complement the overall composition. Decorative elements, arabic style, unique decorations and perfectly white walls. These buildings have a lot of fans who come to Kos every year. Defterdar was built in 1725 when the Ottomans occupied Kos.

Haji Hassan Pasha Mosque

Haji Hassan back in 1765 was the governor of the Ottomans in these distant lands. The island was under occupation, so it was decided to build a mosque. Which was done in the same year. This is a beautiful building in the Arabic style, next to which is another mosque, a little smaller. In total, it has two floors, almost all the details have been preserved in their original form. This is a very popular destination for all tourists, regardless of religion.

Aquatica water park

  • Opening hours: daily 10.00-17.30
  • Cost: for adults - 15 euros, for children taller than 1.20 m - 11 euros
  • Website:

Like most water parks in Kos, Aquatica is not large in size. But here you can find a huge number of slides, most of them are for children. But adults will not be bored. If your child is below 120 centimeters, then they will let him in for free. There are a large number of cafes with attractive prices. The total area of ​​the complex is “drowning” in greenery and creates an attractive atmosphere.

Mountain Village Zia

Zia is a small village located at the foot of Mount Dikeos. Its peculiarity is that there is not a single settlement of this size on the whole of Kos that would be so high. It offers an amazing panorama of the coast. The whole village is filled with lovely white stone paths, picturesque ladders, small houses and colorful window frames. This is a real paradise.

  • Zia is known for a huge number of souvenir shops and restaurants that offer local cuisine.
  • People often come here to watch the sunset on the terraces of cozy cafes.

Mount Dikeos

Mount Dikeos is the highest point on Kos. This area has never been famous for large mountains, so 847 meters is an excellent result. Climbing the mountain is possible only with a guide, from there you can enjoy incredible views of the whole island. At the foot of the small village of Zia, which is the famous landmark of Kos. Immediately after exploring the mountains, you can go down to a cozy village, where you will find a lot of new experiences.

Nisyros Island

Nisyros is a small island that is located next to Kos. He became popular thanks to the volcano, which is considered active. Surprisingly, you can walk along the bottom of the craters. It is necessary to stand on the edge of the volcano, the views are unforgettable. By the way, he is considered the youngest in all of Greece.

Mandraki is the capital of Nisyros Island, which houses the popular castle of the Knights and the Pinaia Spiliani Monastery.

The abandoned settlement of Paleo Pili

Paleo Pili is an abandoned medieval settlement. Locals call it easier - Old Pili. This is a historical memorial that has ranked high in the hierarchy of attractions in Kos. Located 17 km from the capital, between the mountain ranges of Dikeos Mountain. This is a Byzantine fortress, which was erected in the 11th century. It was an important strategic point.

Peacock park

  • Duration of stay - 30 minutes
  • Visit at any daylight, free

Peacock Park in Plaka is an amazing place worth visiting for every tourist. Children will really appreciate it, because here is the largest number of peacocks in all of Greece. They live in a coniferous grove, it was specially grown for these birds. The place is especially because it is not considered a zoo. All conditions have been created so that the birds feel like in their natural environment. This makes the park special among similar establishments.

Kardamena is a modern resort, which is located in the heart of the island. Three dozen kilometers from the eponymous capital. This is a beautiful village with a unique beach. The local nature is beautiful and directly connected with the sea, because the settlement stretched along the coastline. Here you can watch the beautiful and bright sunsets. The Cote d'Azur can be seen from almost any hotel or hotel in this place.

Kefalos and the island of Kastri

Kefalos is an amazing place where the basilica built in the fifth century has been preserved. This is a modern and small village, which is located on the site of the ancient city of Astypalaia. Here you will find “typical Greece”, dense buildings, beautiful views and a small mill in the very center. Directly from the village you can see the island of Kastri, on which is the church of St. Nicholas.

Mastichari is worth a visit to all lovers of the most picturesque places in Greece. This is a small port city located in the northwestern part of Kos. It is located just 22 km from the capital and 6 from the airport, which can be noted. This is a popular resort with a very developed tourist infrastructure. There are lots of hotels, restaurants, hotels, shops and markets. At the last you will find not only souvenirs, but you can also try local goodies.

Monastery of St. John

A small and charming monastery is located in the south of Kos, just 7 km from Kefalos. There is a building on a hill, from where you can see incredible views of the sea and coast. Made in white and blue tone, which is traditional for the whole of Greece. A century-old plane tree grows near the monastery, which invites all tourists to sit down and relax under its broad branches.

Winery Triantafyllopoulos

The winery called Triantafyllopoulos is a place where you can not only taste the unique varieties of wine, but also understand how they are produced. This library is for all who care about this topic. You can explore the local vineyards, which are spread over 15 acres. The local family has been maintaining this place for many years; here they produce white and red wine of dozens of varieties.

Hatziemmanouil Winery

Hatziemmanouil is a winery that was built almost a hundred years ago. Vassilis is the modern owner and direct heir of the business. He not only produces wine, but also runs marathons. The first is better - here everyone can try unique varieties of white and red drink. The owner of the winery not only gives orders on the manufacture and controls the process, but also get to know all the tourists personally.

Kalymnos, Plati and Pserimos Islands Cruise

A small island on which nature feels great is about Kalymnos. A large amount of honey is produced here, and a local port is located. Climbers and fans of swimming underwater often come here. Several settlements are located on the island at once, in which every tourist will find hotels and restaurants. But if you want privacy, there are Plati and Pserimo islands nearby, almost untouched by people, with beautiful beaches.

Tigaki is a very popular beach in the heart of Kos. This is a whole resort complex, located in the northern part of the coast, only 11 kilometers from the capital. In recent decades, this place has become increasingly popular, which made its infrastructure almost the best on the whole island. Here, not only chic hotels and villas, but also restaurants, beaches, shops, souvenir shops, everything for an incredible vacation.

Paradise Beach

Bubble is the name given to the beach by the locals. A very popular holiday destination, which is the choice of most tourists. All because of the location - between the beautiful hills, inside a cozy, small bay. Paradise is located 30 km from the capital. If you wanted to go to heaven during your lifetime, then you have come to the address. Fine white sand, crystal clear water and the necessary infrastructure. There are bars with taverns, lots of sun loungers, showers and water activities.

Mastichari Beach

Mastichari Beach consists of several beaches, which are often considered one. It is often windsurfed here, and there is a school for beginners in this sport nearby. Unique white, thick sand, constant gusts of wind, will not allow tourists to relax. But he can go to the local Christian basilica. These are the ruins in which the mosaic floor has been preserved.

Lambi Beach

Lambi Beach is a small beach by local standards, which was lost in the north of Kos. The city of the same name can be reached on foot, only 3 kilometers. This is a secluded paradise, which is covered with fine pebbles and almost white sand. The beach is only 1 kilometer long, the water here is very clean and cool, which is very handy in the summer season. In addition to swimming, here you should watch the beautiful views that are available at any time of the day.

Psalidi Beach

A sandy beach with a small admixture of pebbles is located three kilometers from the capital. Nearby are the thermal springs Embros - a local attraction. The beach is beautiful, the water is clear, the sand is white, but there is always a strong wind. This reduces the level of comfort, but provides a unique opportunity to go windsurfing.

Therma Beach is a comfortable beach with black sand and an admixture of pebbles. Around are picturesque cliffs. By the way, you will almost never find sand of this color; in the local regions it is most often white. Nearby are healing thermal springs that were discovered by an Italian archaeologist almost a hundred years ago. Near the coast there is an artificial "pool", which is a font and a place with hot springs.

1. The city of Kos.

Actually the capital, the main city. Located in the northeastern part of the island. The old city, it is also the center, is located in a cozy bay. All the city's attractions are within walking distance.


Many people prefer bicycles - getting around on them is very convenient. The roads in the city are narrow, there is a lot of transport, so if you want to visit the sights of the island of Kos by car, traffic jams are provided to you. But bike paths are even on the narrowest streets.

In addition to a walk along the promenade, you can visit the Ionite Castle and the fortress located near the port, as well as see the famous Hippocrates plane-tree. Here is the main market, many shops and taverns.

Market Square