Minnehah Falls


Amazing waterfalls Spanny are among the dense thickets of rainforest. They are located just 10 minutes from the town of Bells. A special path, laid between the thickets along the slope down, will lead you to a wonderful valley, where 2 waterfalls are located. The river flows along steep cliffs covered with ferns and turns into a waterfall. In this place, two of them formed at once. One of them is 60 feet high, while the other reaches 70 feet. Both of them have their own ponds at the foot, swimming in which gives indescribable pleasure to absolutely everyone.

Clean and fresh air make this part of the island a great place for families. It will be especially interesting for those who are fond of ecological tourism, since these areas of Daminic are still little studied. Therefore, nature here has pristine beauty.

The path to the waterfall begins near Bar Spanny. For the entrance you will need to pay a certain amount to the owner of the bar, since the path leading to the waterfall lies on the territory that belonged to him.

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Spanny - these are two delightful waterfalls in a dense tropical forest, they are also called - Penris. They are a 10-minute walk from the small town of Bells. The path to the waterfalls leads through dense thickets along a steep, slippery slope down into the valley. Around the steep cliffs covered with moss and ferns, and the river turns into a waterfall. One of them has a height of 60 feet, the second reaches 70. Both the one and the other waterfall have their own swimming pools. Their depth reaches 10 feet, they are deep enough for swimming. The water here is cool and swimming in this clear water will give you real pleasure.

The air in this place is also fresh and clean, it is a wonderful place to relax. This part of the island is little studied and developed, unlike other popular places existing here. That is why thousands of tourists flock here all over the world, keen on ecological tourism, to see the pristine beauty of nature and magnificent landscapes.

The path begins near the Spanny’s Bar. Since the path to the waterfall does not lie on its territory, the owner of the bar charges an entrance fee of 2.5 East Caribbean dollars from local travelers, and 5 East Caribbean dollars from visiting guests.


Minnehaha Falls is one of the gems of a wildlife park located near Minneapolis. Minnehah Park is rightfully considered one of the most popular parks in the region - about 850 million tourists arrive here every year.

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Bohol Island Attractions

Immerse yourself in the sounds of falling water, feel the freshness and coolness of the rain forest, learn more about the "Mother" nature at one of Bohol's waterfalls. Natural attractions, beautiful, picturesque and refreshing Bohol Waterfalls are scattered throughout the island’s “chocolate” interior. Most of them are hidden, and known only to local residents. Some waterfalls are inaccessible and can be reached only after a difficult hike through the forest, while others have roads. In any case, they will look forward to seeing you.

Here we list only a few of them, but if you ask here and there, local residents can point you to many more others, where often, you will be rewarded with swimming in the emerald pool, enjoying serenity all day. Below is a list of popular Bohol waterfalls that will look forward to seeing you.

Mag-Aso Falls

Mag-Aso Waterfall is located in Antequera, 20 km from Tagbilaran. Water falls from a height of 10 m, with lush vegetation around a cool pool with turquoise water. Located away from the island's popular attractions, Mag Aso is one of Bohol's natural treasures. Twin waterfalls are picturesque at any time of the year, amid tall trees, wild tropical plants, including giant ferns, and cool deep gorges. Having reached the waterfall, while swimming and surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape, a person feels immersed in the heart of the jungle with the endless sounds of chirping birds and falling water - the best music for your ears.

Antequera also offers a wide assortment of wicker baskets for sale in the local market on Sundays.

price: entrance to the waterfall P20.
How to get there: the easiest way on a tricycle or on a rented motorbike.

Can Umantad Falls

Looking so magnificent, the Can Umantad Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in Bohol. The area where the waterfall is located is open and Can Umantad is clearly visible even from a distance. From afar, this amazing waterfall looks like one, but when you reach the foot, upon closer examination, you will count three different levels.

About 45 meters high, its upper level is the shortest and farthest, the second level is much wider and falls noiselessly on the rocks in a deep gorge. The third level flows into a blue pool, with clear and cold water, ideal for swimming. Here you can get a free hydro-massage, standing under the falling streams of water. The waterfall is 10 kilometers or an hour on foot from the village of Candijay, eastern Bohol.

Tontonan Falls

Tontonan Waterfall in Loboc, located 20 km from Tagbilaran City, generates an NPC power plant that supplies electricity to six municipalities. The station is located in a deep tunnel a few meters from the Lobok River. The two-step Tontonan waterfall about 15 m high falls into a wide valley of the rainforest.

a place: river Lobok, Bohol

Busay Falls

Busay falls is a series of small waterfalls flowing into the Lobok River. They are located in Sevilla, 34 km from Tagbilaran City. The last waterfall from this series falls directly into the river and you can get to the last level during a river cruise in a boat-restaurant on the Lobok River. A river cruise usually ends at this waterfall, where boats stop briefly to allow visitors to appreciate the green landscape and swim. However, the main waterfall is higher in the forest, and it is usually very difficult to get to it unless you are a seasoned climber.

The main waterfall of Busai, 12 meters wide, forms an emerald pool four meters deep, ideal for swimming. The surrounding waterfall is a favorite vacation spot for locals.

a place: Sevilla, Bohol Island

Inambakan Waterfall

Inambakan Waterfall is located in Antequera, and is located 19 km from the City of Tagbilaran representing cascading waterfalls in the heart of the jungle, one kilometer from the district center. This waterfall is a potential source of water for drinking and irrigation.

a place: Antakera, Bohol Island

Kinahugan Falls

Kinahugan Falls is composed of three waterfalls: one in the center, one at its northern end and the other on the south side. Water falls from a cliff 16 meters high, which is covered with mosses and lush green ferns, creating the perfect backdrop, along with tropical trees and bushes. All three waterfalls are very beautiful, there are simply no words. A powerful stream of falling water from the widest and largest waterfall cut a wide pool in the rock, the depth of which reaches about 5 meters and 13 meters in diameter. Moderate temperature and cool water should tempt you to take a bath, after which you will appreciate the generosity of the Philippine nature.

Located on a hill in Karap-agan, the waterfall is one kilometer from the village of Cabungaan and 5 kilometers from Jagna.

Boctol Waterfall

Boktol Waterfall is located in Barangay Boctol, Jagna. These are beautiful cascading waterfalls pouring over a very sheer cliff with a deep pool below. Near the pool, away from the waterfall there is a cave-like hole in the rock. Examination of its entrails can lead to an underground canal carved by spring waters.

Kawasan falls

The amazing Kawasan Waterfall (not to be confused with the famous Kawasan waterfalls in Cebu) is located 22 km from Tagbilaran, in Balilikhan. A fairly light path along the river and numerous babbling streams in the middle of a picturesque rain forest with large trees and ferns leads to the waterfall from the main road.

The height of Kawasan Falls is about 25 meters, and the water falling with a hissing down is broken on large rounded limestone boulders, then flowing down into a large emerald pool perfect for swimming. Kawasan Falls is the highlight of any Abatan River tour or excursion to Balilikhan.

Della Waterfall

Della Falls, by right, is considered a famous landmark of British Columbia. The height of this waterfall is 440 meters (1443 feet). It is the highest waterfall in Canada. It is located 60 km from Port Alberni (British Columbia, Canada) in the territory of the Dragon National Park Provincial Park, on the island of Vancouver.

Discovered in 1899, the prospector and hunter Joe Drinkwater and named the waterfall in honor of his wife. He conducted mining here. To this day, near the waterfall, you can see the remains of mining equipment that have been preserved. Now this is part of the story.

The path to the waterfall is 16 kilometers long; the tour itself takes about 7 hours. For convenience, there are wooden bridges in several places, although it is still quite difficult to go on some sections of the trail.

Spahat Falls Waterfall

Spahats Creek Falls is located in Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia and is Canada’s most famous waterfall.

Due to the second tier, the height of the waterfall is approximately 80 meters.

Spahats Falls is often visited by tourists who stop in the park for a break, since it is located ten kilometers from the busy Yellowhead Highway. There is a parking place on the territory of the reserve, located near Spahats Creek Falls.

Those wishing to enjoy beautiful views of the waterfall and other attractions of Wells Gray Park can hike to the observation deck located a few kilometers from Spahats Falls.

The best time of the year to visit this place is autumn or winter, in May and June there is a high probability of an increase in the water level of the river.

Takakkau Waterfall

Takakkau Falls is located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. Its name in translation means "The manifestation of delight and admiration." Indeed, one can only admire this waterfall, it is one of the highest in Canada, or rather, it is second after Della Falls. Its height is almost 382 meters, and its height is about 254 meters.

Takakkau flows into the Yoho River. If you go on an excursion in winter, you can only observe a narrow stream, while in summer the water flows with all its might, since the waterfall is fed by a small lake formed by a glacier, and it melts intensively in summer. Every year this place attracts many tourists from all over the world. Having been here, you can enjoy unique landscapes and take colorful photographs.

Dawson Falls Waterfall

Dawson Falls is located along the Murtle River in British Columbia and is one of the seven waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park.

The waterfall was named so in 1913 by surveyor Robert Henry Lee in honor of George Herbert Dawson. Wells Gray Park's main road is located near Dawson Falls Falls, making the Falls the most visible attraction in the park. Near the waterfall is one of the four campgrounds of the reserve, which is designed for 50 places.

Dawson Falls Falls falls on a volcanic mountain that formed over 200,000 years ago. At the base of the mountain, a large amount of gravel and sand prevail as a result of repeated eruptions.

Helmcken Waterfall

Helmcken Waterfall is located in Canada's Wells Gray Provincial Park and is one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in the world.

Helmcken Falls does not stop its flow year-round and is considered the fourth highest waterfall (its height is 42 meters).

Behind the waterfall there is a wall that is not completely covered with ice in winter, so many climbers like to climb the site. Spray from the waterfall forms huge icicles and ice on the wall - all this makes it difficult to climb and makes Helmcken Waterfall one of the most popular.

Near the waterfall there are gazebos, there is a spacious picnic area and an observation deck. Here you can enjoy superb views of Helmcken Falls and have a great time with family and friends.

Little Niagara Falls

It is no secret that those people who have visited Canada at least once will confirm one simple truth that the Goldstream Provincial Park is one of those places that deserves due attention and a huge number of tourists with cameras. You will remember this national park forever: these massive trees, which now and then strike your imagination with their rich green colors, or the numerous crystal-clear rivers that sooner or later flow into the sea, as well as an uncountable number of inhabitants of the forest itself.

It is in this place that you can see Little Niagara Falls. Of course, if you have the opportunity to see a truly real Niagara Falls, you can get a lot more impressions. But your trip to Goldstream Provincial Park will also be hard for you to forget. Moreover, be sure that you cannot see such a nature anywhere else. And Little Niagara Falls will remain in your memory for a very long time period.

Waterfall "Veil of the bride"

This chic and very spectacular waterfall is located on the territory of the natural park of the same name, in its southern part. It breaks off from a height not far from the Transcanada highway, which makes it very popular with visitors to these places. From the side, falling like a fan from a cliff, it looks exactly like a bride’s veil, for which it got its name.

This waterfall is one of the forty highest in British Columbia. It falls from a height of 122 meters, sliding down the rock stone in a wide stream, as if creating a curtain in its lower part. It is formed by a stream, which originates on Mount Archibald and flows into the Bridle Creek, which feeds the Fraser River. In the dry months, the volume of falling water decreases significantly, and with it the visual effect of the waterfall is lost. In cold winters, it most often freezes, turning into an intricate cluster of icicles, which, however, can be dangerous.

Clear Waterfalls

Spahats Creek Falls is located within Wells Gray Park. The height of the water fall is more than 60 meters!

The waterfall is located in an area rich in streams and rivers running from springs and snowmelt places. Thousands of visitors come to see the waterfall and the surrounding area. Previously, there was a camp near the waterfall, in an attractive place in the middle of the forest, but for the convenience of visitors, a huge parking lot was built in its place.

The location of the waterfall is especially attractive to visitors - it is only 10 kilometers from the highway, and the path from the parking lot to the observation deck takes only 5 minutes. Also nearby are the Spahats Natural Bridge, Clearwater Valley Canyons, and the Trail Clearwater Rivers.