Amalfi - a fabulous city on the coast of Italy


It seems that the storyteller came up with the name. Amalfi ... This is a small town in Italy, but sounds like the name of a fairy kingdom. However, it looks like a fantastic picture, comfortably located at the foot of the mountains on the picturesque shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Campania region.

It is curious that in history there was a period when this city was the capital of the state. Not fabulous, but completely real with a big title - Duchy of Amalfi or Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

The rise of the sea power occurred in the years 839-1200. She became famous not only for navigation, but also for the manual manufacture of paper. Military galleys were also built here, and the Amalfi ones belonged to the largest ships that plowed the expanses of the Mediterranean Sea in the early Middle Ages.

In addition to the medieval heritage, Amalfi has a solid tourist history. The first hotel appeared here in the 1810s. For this, the former Luna Convento monastery was converted.

The town still remains the connecting center for the entire Amalfi coast, giving it its name. Vacation hotels can be found for every taste and budget, as in Positano, Majori and other neighboring resorts. An additional plus for travelers is that the town is a hub of transport routes of this coast. Almost all bus and sea trips are carried out with transfers in Amalfi.

Amalfi Features

Two squares set the tone in the structure of the town - historical (internal) and modern in the central part of the embankment.

The historical square is hidden behind the first line of houses and is a small rectangle connected to the embankment by a short street.

The square is called Piazza Duomo, located in front of the monumental staircase leading to the Cathedral of St. Andrew the First-Called. All travelers, whose visit to Amalfi is part of a one-day sea excursion along the coast, rush here.

From Piazza Duomo several streets rise up. They do not climb rocks as abruptly as in Positano. Nevertheless, for Amalfi, nature “allocated” a more spacious plot, therefore, mountain terraces here succeed each other, gradually gaining height. Above other buildings, a monastery climbed.

The second square is located on the waterfront and is open from all sides. It is surrounded by a transport ring and is the final stop for buses arriving from the cities of Sorento Positano from the west and Salerno Cetara Maiori from the east.

The main cultural site in the square is a monument with a fountain. In Amalfi, according to some historians, the inventor Flavio Joey was born, who improved the marine compass. Thanks to his ideas, this most important device has got a modern look. While historians clarify the facts about the small homeland of the medieval inventor, a monument in his honor was erected on the coastal square of the town.

Near the square is a marina. Sea transport runs along the coast with the same intensity as buses. Since they all arrive at one point, it is convenient for passengers to diversify their travels and combine bus trips with a sea crossing.

All necessary tickets are purchased at kiosks in the square.

Amalfi Attractions

From the glorious past when the Maritime Republic existed, cult constructions have been preserved in Amalfi that currently attract curious travelers. First of all, everyone knows that in the city of Amalfi in Italy there is a magnificent cathedral of St. Andrew the First-Called.

A temple of unique architecture, where Byzantine artistic style is intertwined with the strict lines of Norman traditions. The beautiful facade, which is captured in the photo, is part of a large complex created in the XI century.

Nearby stands a bell tower decorated with Moorish-style domes and majolica ornaments.

In addition to the two most important components, the complex includes the Crucifixion Basilica and a courtyard with galleries.

Arriving in the city of Amalfi see this magnificent complex from afar, both from land and from the sea.

Of course, visitors first go to the temple, focusing on exquisite architecture. Appreciate the beauty of the interior in the next article.

Also dedicated to the Apostle Andrew is the fountain, which was built on the square in 1760. At the feet of St. Andrew, words were cut out with an appeal so that the source of holy water would not dry up.

The pedestal is surrounded by angels, and in front there is a Siren, according to legend, which carries sailors away and leads them off the right track. Probably, the sculpture was included in the composition, so that those leaving to the sea knew the threat “in person”)))

Listing what is worth seeing in Amalfi, you need to mention the museum dedicated to making paper. Locals learned from the Arabs and began to produce paper earlier than others in Europe. And now they produce special thick high-quality paper sheets, which are called bambagina.

The museum, which tells about the traditions of hand-made paper with a demonstration of old machine tools, is located in the heart of the city blocks in the northern part of Amalfi.

Resort conditions Amalfi

As a resort, Amalfi is located very well. Mount Moneto Cerreto, 1315 m high, at the foot of which lies a town, reliably protects the area from the northern cold air currents. Thanks to this, the temperature in Amalfi, even at the peak of winter, does not fall below +10.

The swimming season lasts from mid-May to mid-September. The beach is central.

Compared to Majori, this beach is smaller, in relation to Positano it is larger. Vacationers who prefer less crowded beaches go to the neighboring town of Atrani. Fortunately, these resorts share a distance of a little more than half a kilometer.

The center of the town is filled with cafes and restaurants, boutiques and shops with a summer assortment.

Amalfi is hosting festive events in honor of the patron Saint Andrew the First-Called. They take place twice a year - three consecutive days, starting from June 25, as well as November 30. August 31 celebrate the "Byzantine New Year."

Every four years, on the first Sunday of June, a regatta starts in the waters of this coast, the participants of which are four historical Maritime republics of the Middle Ages. In addition to Amalfi, this quartet includes Venice, Pisa and Genoa. Friends, if you want to see such a bright event, calculate the year of the regatta in Amalfi and plan your trip for the first week of June.

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Find a hotel on the Amalfi Coast

How to get to Amalfi in Italy

Amalfi is located in the Campania region of the province of Salerno. The nearest international airport is in Naples. Book plane tickets to Naples in the form below.

The distance that must be overcome from Naples to Amalfi is about 70 km. True, choosing public transport, in most cases you will have to do a transplant.

The only direct option to get from Naples to Amalfi is to use the local bus SITA Sud. It serves the entire Amalfi Coast. A direct flight departs only 4 times a day at 9:00 at 14:00 at 14:30 and at 17:30. Conversely, only in the morning at 5:45 and 6:20. You will have to spend 2 hours on the way. Tickets for June 2018 are 8 euros. The current schedule and cost is best found on the official website of the trucker.

The only way to get direct from Naples to Amalfi is to use the bus

When planning a trip from Naples to Amalfi by train, you will have to make one change in Salerno. However, unlike buses, trains run much more often, approximately every 15-20 minutes. The train will spend from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours on the way to Salerno. Find out the detailed schedule and book your tickets in advance here.

From Salerno to Amalfi will have to get all the same bus company SITA Sud. True, buses run along the coast much more often than from Naples. Travel time is 1 hour 15 minutes. Detailed schedule and ticket prices can be found here.

From May to October, ferry services connect the towns of the Amalfi Coast. Transportation is carried out by several companies. Among them are Gescab and Coop. Sant’Andrea. The first will allow you to get from Naples to Amalfi with a transfer to about. Capri, the second - connects only the towns of the coast. Amalfi can be reached from Salerno, Sorrento, Positano, Majori, Minori, Cetara and about. Capri. The current schedule and cost of tickets is best found on the official websites of carriers using the links above.

In summer, you can get to Amalfi by sea

For those who are not used to waiting and adjusting to the public transport schedule, a car will be the best way to get from Naples to Amalfi. You can rent a car directly at the airport, or in advance, for example, here.

By car, follow the regional road E45, then the local SS366. The road runs along the coast, along the route there are serpentines. True, the picturesque views will surely force you to make more than one stop.

And finally, the last is not the most budgetary, but a comfortable way to get from Naples to Amalfi is to pre-order a taxi. You can find out the cost and place an order here.

Amalfi Hotels

Amalfi is a popular resort, so there are quite a few hotels for every taste and budget. However, it is worth remembering that in the season most accommodation options may simply be busy. It is better to book accommodation in advance, ideally a few months before the trip. An excellent service that allows you to do this is A convenient filter system and an intuitive interface will help you find your dream home in minutes. You can select from the link below

Amalfi beaches

In the town itself, conveniently located on the rocks, there are not so many beaches and most of them are privately owned by local hotels, so only guests of these hotels can relax here.

The most popular tourist destination is Santa Caterina Beach, located on the territory of the five-star hotel of the same name. For guests on the beach there is a swimming pool, umbrellas, sun loungers and various cafes. The hotel itself is an elegant villa with a lush garden and a health center.

Most beaches in Amalfi are private areas of local hotels.

The Il Saraceno Hotel is simply chic on the beach, comfortably nestled within the walls of an Arabian fortress.

Small private beaches are also available at the 4-star Aurora and Miramalfi hotels, located near the picturesque harbor and marina, and also close to the Excelsior Grand Hotel.

If you are a budget tourist, and staying in expensive 4-5-star hotels is not included in your plans, you can always use the municipal beaches. True, for this you will have to leave the city.

For municipal beaches you need to go to neighboring towns, for example, in Atrani

A good city beach is located in the town of Atrani, which is only 1 km from Amalfi. It is a very calm and peaceful place. The beach is strewn with fine volcanic sand of black color, for extra. You can rent an umbrella and a deck chair.

Another cozy beach in the suburbs is Santa Croce. Like other beaches, it has both a paid and a free zone. There are no special differences in the infrastructure of the zones here. The sea is clean and you can also rent an umbrella and deck chair.

Church of St. Pancrasia

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The Duomo itself has a 9th-century basilica that served as a cathedral before the new building was built. In the crypt located below it, the relics of St. St. Andrew the First-Called. A lot of legends are associated with the relic and the miracles that it does.

Another remarkable place of the cathedral is its cloister, called Chistro del Paradiso - “Paradise courtyard”. It was built by Filippo Augustarichcho in 1266-1268. and was used as a burial place for members of the noble families of Amalfi. The snow-white colonnade with pointed arches recalls the strong influence that Arab culture had on Amalfi, associated with the courtyards of the palaces of the Middle East. With Roman and medieval columns and sarcophagi of the 14th century. this courtyard can be called a real open-air museum.

Another old Amalfi building is an ancient arsenal. It was erected at the time when Amalfi was one of the four strongest maritime republics of the Mediterranean. The arsenal is a Gothic building made of large stones with arched vaults and a colonnade, ships were built here, traded, stored goods, and conducted customs control. In 2010, the Museum of the Compass and the Amalfi Maritime Republic was housed in the old arsenal.

The Paper Museum is located in the northern part of the modern city, in Mill Valley. Amalfi was one of the first centers for paper production in Europe: Amalfi technology was adopted from the Arabs. In the museum you can see the ancient mill, which was used in production. It belonged to the Milano family, which opened this production. The museum was founded in 1969 at the behest of their descendant, Nicolo Milano, the then owner of the mill. In addition to her, the exposition presents other tools and equipment, restored and fully working, which were used to make paper by hand.

The most famous monument of Amalfi is the statue of Flavio Giola, whom the Amalfitans consider the inventor of the compass, in the eponymous circular square in front of the harbor.


Once in Amalfi, it will be a shame not to inspect the entire Amalfi coast, which is replete with places of interest. Such points as Ravello or Positano are famous all over the world. But in lesser-known small places that are located within 10 km from the city, you can find many interesting things.

Take, for example, the small medieval Atrani - it is even difficult to call it a separate settlement, since it is located only 1 km from the center of Amalfi. Meanwhile, Atrani is a real hidden treasure for a tourist. Situated on a cliff between the cliffs above the sea, it is the smallest municipality in Italy. From the sea, it looks like an amphitheater, and from land it looks like a toy town with doll houses of pastel colors, the winding Scalinatelle staircase, the cozy Piazza Umberto I and two notable churches: literally built into the urban houses of San Salvatore de Bireto (10 in .) and Santa Maria Maddalena (13th c.), which is decorated with murals of the 16th c.

On the other, eastern, side of Amalfi is Konka dei Marini, which has become a favorite place of the rich and famous because of its picturesqueness. John Steinbeck, Carlo Ponti, Gianni Agnelli (Fiat car manufacturer) built their villas here to enjoy the view of the sea from the cliffs, the coastal tower of the 16th century. and urban architecture, which mixed Arab, Moorish and Greek roots. It is here that the famous Emerald Grotto is located, which was discovered less than a hundred years ago due to its inaccessibility, and today has become a phenomenally popular tourist attraction due to the extremely rare color of the water.

City `s history

The city of Amalfi (Italy), according to historians, was founded in the IV century BC. e. Roman Emperor Constantine I the Great. In the era of the Lombards (the ancient Germanic tribe) - VI-VII centuries - it was already a developed and rich territory, thanks to trade through the sea routes. At that time there was a powerful community, which had a republican system, and was headed by princes, elected for life.

At first the princes were also called consuls, then counts, and then dukes.From the 9th century, one of the oldest ducal families, Amalfi, began its reign here. The first of this kind was Manzus Fusulus, who ruled from 892 to 908.

After the termination of his powers, the rule passed to the Duke of Gisulf II, Prince Salerno. In 1077, Amalfi (Italy) was annexed by the Duke Robert Guiscard to his possessions - Calabria and Puglia.

Amalfi Law of the Sea (Code of Laws of the Law of the Sea) dominated the coasts of Italy until 1570.

Description of the city

The city of Amalfi (Italy) is located on a cliffside. In ancient times, the houses located nearby were connected to each other by staircases that were carved into the rock, and the roofs of the houses were adapted for gardening.

Among these labyrinths, consisting of stairs, bridges and walkways, even nowadays, everywhere there is a gorgeous flora, which consists of orange, lemon, grape and olive trees. Currently, about five and a half thousand people live in the city.

Almost all roads one way or another lead to the city center or to the coast. In the city center, on the Duomo square, there are many attractions. Museums, souvenir shops, small shops and cafes can be found in large numbers here. The beach area is mainly restaurants, bars and hotels.

City attractions

Attractions in Amalfi (Italy) have an interesting and long history. One of the decorations of the Duomo Square is the Cathedral of St. Andrew the First-Called. It was built in the Byzantine-Norman style around the 9th-10th centuries, and later it was gradually completed.

Every year, pilgrims from around the world come to the cathedral to bow to the relics of the Apostle Andrew, who are in the temple. The relics secrete a world that is considered healing by believers. From the temple you can get into its courtyard, which is striking in its beauty.

In one of the museums, the Code of Maritime Laws is kept here, which until the middle of the XVI century was revered throughout Italy. Nearby is a paper museum dedicated to its production in the Republic city in the Middle Ages.

Passage to museums will cost you from 2.5 to 4 euros (1 euro - ≈75 p.), Some can be visited for free. The city has long been famous for its ceramics, you can buy it in one of the many shops. You can also buy various souvenirs related to the marine theme. Tired of walking around the city center, many go straight to the beach.

Attractions and relaxation in Positano

The main attraction of Positano is the temple of St. Mary of Assunta and the image of the Black Madonna and Child in it. Watchtowers and historic villas will appeal to history buffs. In the city itself, you can stroll along the picturesque streets, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Amalfi Islands (Italy), called Lee Galli, which are located near Positano, are considered a tourist attraction. According to Homer, it was here that sweet-voiced sirens lived, which killed many sailors.

In the city you can stay in one of the hotels or rent apartments, the prices will be about the same and will average about one hundred euros. In Positano, the most popular is the Central Beach. In Positano, all beaches are covered with golden sand. It is paid, but it also has several free zones.

On the beach, you will be offered a whole range of entertainment - from boat trips to scooters. Formillo beach is much smaller than Central, but it is much calmer, which attracts tourists and locals who just want to soak up the sun.

You can take a lot of souvenirs from Positano, mainly ceramics, but you can also devote time to shopping, as the city has a large number of boutiques that sell well-known brands.

Holidays in Amalfi. Italy

Holidays in the city of Amalfi, like on the coast, will appeal to all tourists. These places are called heaven on earth. Not only tourists, but also locals like to relax on this coast. Here, the purest water of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the convenient location of resorts that are hidden from the sea winds are successfully combined. Cozy cities with beautiful architecture and interesting history, as well as magnificent flora.

But the main difference between these resorts from all others is chamberness. In other words, you will not meet here crowds of tourists standing in endless lines for an excursion or on the beach, for any attraction. However, for such comfort you will have to pay quite a lot of money, but all those who have visited these places claim that it is worth it.

Reviews on Amalfi, Italy

Tourists visiting Amalfi note that, despite the rather “biting” prices, in general, the rest is very comfortable and pleasant. One of the main advantages of this city, of course, is nature.

Travelers who rest in Amalfi talk about the high quality of service in hotels and the friendliness of local residents. Tourists note a high level of comfort, walking distance to attractions and beaches.

Those who have visited Positano describe it as a wonderful city, with interesting sights and streets that are buried in fruit trees. Here, right in the middle of the street, lemons, oranges and grapes grow.

The reviews talk about the unforgettable emotions received while sailing along the Amalfi coast. The landscapes that open here are striking in their beauty. And clean sea air and fresh wind give a second wind. After visiting this resort you feel truly rested.

The Amalfi Coast is definitely worth a visit, as the beauty of these places did not leave anyone indifferent. To discover something new, you need to go to one of its resorts for new experiences and emotions.

What is remarkable about this city?

View of the city of Amalfi. Gurgen bakhshetyan

Perhaps the main feature of the rest in Amalfi is its location.

Here's the thing: the city seems to flow down a cliff face, and the houses communicate with each other through a system of staircases carved in stone.

The roof of each house is decorated with a garden, and in the space between houses, bridges and stairs, various fruit trees and vineyards are planted.

The city, founded back in the VI century, has long been the main maritime republic of Italy - a powerful rival to Genoa and Pisa. It was in Amalfi that the magnetic compass was invented, and the Maritime Code was created, which is still secretly operating in the Mediterranean (it was officially canceled in 1570).

The main features of a holiday in the Italian city of Amalfi are the ability to harmoniously combine a beach holiday with walks in the picturesque surroundings and an examination of historical sites.

Here is a great video on how to relax in this city:

From here they go on excursion walks along the entire coast.

The coastal zone is decorated with mountain slopes, deep gorges, picturesque bays, sandy and pebble beaches, as well as smooth rows of vineyards. Not surprisingly, this coast is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Seascape. Mila Muzyka

In addition to exciting excursions and the beach, Amalfi has all the conditions for outdoor activities. Horse riding, sailing, as well as various sports fields - all this will allow you to get to know the area more closely and plunge into its life.

Where is the resort of Amalfi

Travelers often ask themselves: where is the Amalfi Coast? The answer is very simple - in the Campania region of Southern Italy. Located between the cities of Salerno and Naples, Amalfi is located in the southern part of the Sorrento Peninsula. There are several other popular Italian resorts nearby, such as the island of Capri with its magnificent gardens of Emperor Augustus and the city of Positano.

A few kilometers higher is the mountain town of Ravello, the number of inhabitants of which does not exceed 2.5 thousand people. In addition, such natural places as Tramonti, Maiori, Scala, Furore and many others can boast of their natural beauties and attractions.

The best time to relax in the area

Amalfi Coast. TMAg

The province of Salerno lies in the subtropical zone. From July to the end of August, the thermometer column rarely drops below 30 ° C, and sea water warms up to 26.5 ° C.

What does this mean? That the rainy season traditional for the Mediterranean climate in Amalfi begins in late autumn and lasts until the end of winter.

The time for a pleasant romantic vacation is May-June or the beginning of autumn. These days, the resort is not yet crowded with tourists, but is always ready to receive guests. The temperature of spring air ranges from +20 to + 25C.

Villa Rufolo. eamesBot

Remember: the beach season in the Italian resort town of Amalfi starts in June and lasts until mid-September..

  • Low Temp. ___ °
  • High temp. ___ °

Please note: in May-June, prices in hotels, as well as in gastronomic establishments are much lower than in high season.

But the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are warmer and especially pleasant at the peak of the season.

The night coast. Javen

The middle of September for the resort is the time to end the tourist season. Despite the surprisingly warm and sunny days, tourists are slowly leaving local hotels. At this time, you can relax peacefully in the shade of fruit trees and flowering shrubs.

Consider this: a vacation in Amalfi is also relevant in the winter. Funny fairs and the softness of the local winter - all this will please those who like to spend the New Year holidays on a trip. At this time, it does not hurt to warm up well, since the daytime temperature can not exceed + 14C, and the night temperature + 4C.

MonthJanfebmaraprMayJunjulAugSepoctbut IDec
Daytime air temperature, ° С+12+12+15+19+22+27+31+32+28+23+18+13
Night air temperature, ° С+7+7+9+11+14+18+21+22+19+16+12+8
Water temperature, ° С+15+14+14+16+19+23+26+27+25+22+20+17

Duomo di Sant’Andrea

Familiarity with the sights of the Italian town of Amalfi is worth starting with the Cathedral di Sant’Andrea, built in the XI century, during the heyday of the Republic of Amalfi.

The cathedral was built in the Byzantine-Romanesque style and impresses with its magnificent fresco decoration, as well as carving and mosaic elements. The structure combines architectural styles from different eras, which looks surprisingly harmonious and majestic.

Entrance to the temple is through a forged gate, brought from Constantinople in 1065. The gate leaves are inlaid with silver and decorated with images of Christian associates.

This is a real complex of buildings, the core of which is the northern basilica with an altar. In the chronicles of the 9th century, the shrine is referred to as Cattedrale di Santa Maria. For some time it housed the cover of Saint Trofimena, the oldest patroness of the inhabitants of Amalfi and the city of Minori.

At the end of the 9th century, Manson the First - the Duke of Amalfi - was appointed Archbishop. To celebrate this event, Mansone erected a new temple in honor of St. Andrew the First-Called. So the architectural complex was formed.

The interior of the temple contains many interesting details. For example, a crucifix of the XIII century, carved from wood, and another made of mother of pearl. The mother-of-pearl crucifix was delivered from the Holy Land.

Here you can see statues of saints. Above the altar is a painting made by the painter Andrea del Asta. Brushes of this master belong to such works as “Self-flagellation”, “Holy on the Cross”.

You can visit it any day of the week.

Paper museum

The next attraction of the town is the paper museum. At one time, local craftsmen made expensive paper, which was used exclusively for official documents.

As far back as the middle of the last century, dozens of factories worked along the riverbank flowing through the city. Most of them were destroyed by severe flooding.

The Museum of Paper is one of the most interesting places where you can see not only paper of different textures, but also unique equipment.

Rare books that were made from the most expensive samples of local paper are also stored here.

Amalfi National Museum

Not far from the beach is the old arsenal where merchant ships were built in the Middle Ages. Today on its territory is a museum of a compass and a maritime republic. His entire exposition is dedicated to the times when the Republic of Amalfi was in the prime of its power.

The arsenal itself is a monument of medieval architecture. Two parallel galleries are built in the Gothic style. Above them hang old vaulted ceilings held by stone columns of large stone.

The first exposition is dedicated to the inventor Flavio Giolo, who in 1302 was the first to create a magnetic compass. Many historians doubt the authenticity of this story, but the fellow countrymen of the inventor do not pay any attention to this.

The second collection is represented by colorful costumes that were sewn for the Historical Regatta of the Republics of the Four Seas. The regatta was first held in Italy in 1955. Since then, the event has been held every year in Amalfi, Pisa, Venice or Genoa.

One of the most interesting exhibits of the museum is the Maritime Code (Tavole amalfitane), which operated from the 13th to the 16th centuries. Its 66 chapters regulated everything from the cost of renting ships to measures in the event of a shipwreck.

The arsenal building is located south of Doge's Square.

Emerald Grotto

Emerald Grotto. Stonja »

The scenic Emerald Grotto is located in Conca dei Marini, not far from Amalfi. The grotto is partially filled with sea water, which is not unusual. However, the whole highlight in the purest turquoise color of water, which can be observed only in a few such grottoes.

The cave was discovered in the 30s of the last century by a local fisherman. The place immediately attracted attention with unusual lighting, which makes the water sapphire blue or emerald (depending on the weather).

When visiting the grotto, try to disconnect from the surrounding sounds and just enjoy the stunning color of the water.

You can get to the grotto along the main highway number 163, which runs along the coast. There is a parking lot near the grotto. To get into the cave, you need to use a special elevator, then transfer to a regular boat with oars and swim inside.

Here's what matters: during bad weather, the cave may be closed.

Resting in Amalfi - the most beautiful city in the Italian province, it would be a shame not to explore the entire coast. For example, the medieval town of Atrani, located so close that it can hardly be called an independent settlement. The distance from the center of Amalfi to Atrani is only one kilometer.

The country's smallest municipality is located on a cliff between the cliffs. From the sea, it resembles an amphitheater, and if you look at it from the land - a toy town with miniature houses of delicate colors. But, despite its miniature size, it hides the picturesque Piazza Umberto I, two medieval churches and a winding staircase.

Konka dei marini. Amy Laughinghouse »

Not far from Amalfi is Konka dei Marini - a favorite vacation spot of the rich and famous. The architecture of the town is interwoven from the motives of different peoples who once inhabited these places.

Here is what makes this place stand out: well-known automobile manufacturers and Hollywood stars built their villas here.

Excursions in and around Amalfi: these are really interesting

Excursions make the rest much more interesting and varied. You yourself will not learn a lot of information from guidebooks, and even this is not so exciting, in comparison, when the outgoing guide tells such facts and stories about local attractions that are not even mentioned in the directories. We recommend you to choose and go on at least one excursion, there will be much more good impressions from your vacation.

Tours in Russian are available on Tripster and Sputnik. These are proven services that have been operating for many years. The only thing on the first site, most often you can find unusual excursions, because they are led by local guides who live in Italy, + there is a strict selection of the guides themselves.

Here are some very interesting excursions in and around Amalfi, choose and book:

Where are the most beautiful beaches for relaxation

Positano Beach. Natalia Barsukova

Forget about those beaches that you saw before! Get ready to discover the cliffs and picturesque bays of the Gulf of Salerno.

There are beaches that can only be accessed from the sea.

You can relax on a secluded beach using the sea transfer service at the port of Amalfi.

      • Private boats depart every half hour.
      • The service is relevant throughout the summer, from 9 am to 5 pm.
      • The ticket price is about 5 euros.

Amalfi Beach Marina Grande

Marina Grande Beach. Tania zbrodko

This is one of the most crowded and lively beaches on the coast. On the beach there are sites belonging to restaurants, so they are paid, but the main territory belongs to the municipality.

Remember: to be comfortable, you have to come here in the morning.

The only drawback is the proximity of the tourist port, so the water is sometimes dirty. Of the benefits - a convenient location near the center of Amalfi.

You can also use the services of a sea transfer. Boats depart from all the major cities of the coast and from the island of Capri.

Atrani Beach

Atrani Beach. Inu

The beach of the smallest Italian town of Atrani (0.12 km²) is located next to Amalfi. The estuary of the Dragon River divided it into two parts, and the high cliff surrounding it gave unique picturesque and coziness.

Here's what's important: part of the sandy shore is designed for free swimming, it is small in size, while most of it is a paid beach.

In summer, the entrance to Atrani for tourists by car is often closed. Paid parking located near the beach has only three dozen places, so it’s difficult to park even in the morning.

It is better to leave a car in Amalfi, from which you can walk to Atrani beach.

Di duoglio

Night view of Positano. Boris-B

A kilometer from Amalfi is the beach of Di Duoglio. This cozy bay is an ideal place for those who prefer active recreation on water and sports. There is a rental station here, where you can always get equipment for canoeing, diving and windsurfing. There is a public beach and two paid plots:

  • I Duo Scugnizzi is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. There is a fish restaurant on site.
  • Lido deli Artisti is increasingly attracting young people. It has a restaurant and a bar with refreshments.

Tip: You can walk from Amalfi.

You can also take the Positano Amalfi SITA bus or by sea.

Castiglione in Ravello

Views in Ravello. Neirfy

Not everyone knows that the small mountain Ravello has its own beach. A hundred-meter long sandy coastline is surrounded by high cliffs. This makes the beach very picturesque, but, unfortunately, in the morning the beach is completely in the shade.

If you are by car, it is better to leave it in Atrani or in Ravello, and then walk to the beach.

Tip: Take the SITA city bus, the stop is located just before the descent.

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Where can I quickly buy a tour

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Why local cuisine is the hallmark of the city

Cafe in the old street. artem evdokimov

Amalfi cuisine deserves special attention.

And that’s why it’s good: the city, whose number of inhabitants does not exceed 5500, is just full of different restaurants, bars and cafes.

National dishes are mainly prepared from all kinds of fish, meat and seafood.

Local cuisine also includes a large number of seasonal dishes. For example, in spring, salads from spices, various vegetables, local herbs, celery, meat and beans are very popular. In summer, when cattle are driven from pastures, the season of fresh cheeses, such as mozzarella, ricotta, as well as various varieties of cheese for smoking, begins.

Pepper, eggplant, seafood and local pasta are very popular. With the onset of cold weather, residents of the resort prepare soups from forest chestnuts, beans and other legumes, abundantly seasoning them with greens.

In Amalfi restaurants, we recommend baked seafood with beans or potatoes, salted sprats and cod. Small fish are languished here in charcoal lemon leaves, all served with pickled onions.

You should definitely try mussels stuffed with delicate goat cheese and olives, as well as soufflé from lemons. Interestingly, a variety of sphusato lemons is grown here, which are eaten with mint and vinegar dressing.

In Amalfi, any sweet tooth will be happy. There is a huge amount of delicious pastries, sorbets, various desserts and fruit pies.

What is more convenient to move around the city and its environs

Keep this in mind: resort public transport runs both by land and water.

The ferry arrives in Italy. ollirg

For local residents, urban transport means ferries and yellow buses to all major coastal cities and neighboring towns.

Taxis can always be found in the resort’s central square. But it’s more convenient to book a taxi or transfer to the hotel on KiwiTaxi.

Yellow bus in Italy. Andrey Armyagov »

Water taxis and ferries depart from the city port to the neighboring islands of Italy, as well as to the major cities of the Sorrento Peninsula. Maritime communication is carried out by ferries of two lines - Intercostel and Del Mare.

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